APCEA: Shaping Socio-Economic Progress for Pakistan

By Muhammad Asif Noor | Gwadar Pro Mar 17, 2023

The recently established All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises' Association (APCEA) aims to enhance economic and diplomatic ties between China and Pakistan. With offices in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, the association's primary objective is to encourage local industry partnerships, integrate advanced technology, and provide skill development training to boost community development. In the two years since its inception, APCEA has issued two annual reports highlighting its progress towards socio-economic progress in alignment with the broader CPEC framework. APCEA launched its Sustainable Development Report 2022 at Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services, Sustainable Development Goals Secretariat of the National Assembly of Pakistan, to align its efforts with CPEC and Sustainable Development Goals 2030 agenda of Pakistan.

APCEA has made considerable efforts towards CSR as a significant obligation towards the Pakistani people, beyond just economic development but encompassing the broader welfare of the community. In the last two years, the association has undertaken several initiatives, including donating 4.16 million towards disaster relief and providing face masks and items worth over 4 million in collaboration with The Citizen Foundation. Additionally, it donated a 10 kW solar panel system and 600 sets of uniforms for deserving students at its Rawalpindi campus. APCEA has judiciously distributed its CSR funds, including 17 million to flood victims in Sindh and depositing 15.5 million rupees in the Prime Minister Floods Relief Fund 2022. These efforts have been appreciated by public officials in Pakistan and demonstrate the importance that Chinese people and businesses attach to their relationship with Pakistan beyond government-to-government relations.

The coordinated efforts of APCEA, in collaboration with the Chinese embassy and the government of Pakistan, have yielded positive developments under CPEC, which is committed to community development for the people of Pakistan. The association's annual reports provide a comprehensive overview of the association's initiatives, highlighting the areas of cooperation, gains, and outputs of its projects across Pakistan in public and private coordination. APCEA's efforts demonstrate the importance of partnerships, community engagement, and responsible business practices for achieving sustainable development and fostering mutual benefit between China and Pakistan.

Pakistan is a developing country that recognizes the importance of sustainable development and is committed to the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. China, on the other hand, has achieved all of its sustainable development goals ten years ahead of schedule, well before the 2030 agenda termination. Given this context, China is well-positioned to assist Pakistan in focusing its efforts in the right direction towards sustainable development. APCEA, with its shared goals of community development, can be a significant value addition to Pakistan's development discourse. Through its initiatives, APCEA has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development, and its efforts can contribute to achieving the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development in Pakistan.

With CPEC entering the second phase of industry installation, APCEA is likely to grow in size, with more Chinese investors coming to Pakistan. In essence, APCEA will be a resourceful addition to the development landscape of Pakistan, which executes and monitors its finances at global standards of CSR. It is a value addition for Pakistan in another crucial context; Pakistan can learn from the Chinese experience, implement corrective measures and yield desired results proportional to the input. The structural weaknesses in Pakistan’s economy and its planning and development have been significant hurdles in achieving higher growth standards. 

The organizations like APCEA are the engines and drivers of Pakistan not only for community development but also for keeping Chinese companies engaged in business to build strong ties between countries. APECA also is playing a pivotal in translating the vision of the Chinese leadership of BRI in creating shared future for mankind.

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