How does CPAIC Informtion Platform assist enterprises intending to start business in Pakistan?

The CPAIC Information Platform, affiliated to the Pakistan China Agriculture Cooperation Exchange Center (PCACE), is dedicated to promoting exchanges and cooperation between China and Pakistan in the fields of agriculture and industry. Please visit our website for more information.

I recently started my business in Pakistan. Are there any CPAIC services that can help me promote my business?

We recommend you to register at CPAIC Databank. Business details you provide will enable us to link you a wide range of our services, including reception services (accommodation, transportation, security, etc.); market investigation; registration of incorporation; financial and taxation consultation, logistics, customs clearance, marketing, personnel recruitment, vocational training, etc. We will also help start-ups organize offline exhibitions and project roadshows, etc.

What is the CPAIC Informtion Platform Head Office address and contact?

Headquarters (Pakistan): Address: Room 909, ISE Tower, Islamabad Contact: Dai Bao; Sarah Tel: 0349 7783 703(PK)/ 136 8924 8556 (CN); 0346 8211523 E-mail: daibao001@cmec.com; renhq001@cmec.com Lahore: Address: CMEC Lahore Branch Office, House 25, Street No 1, U Block, Phase II, DHA Cantt, Lahore Contact: Simon Tel: 0321 8110812; E-mail: hewei01@cmec.com Karachi: Contact: Zhang Deping Tel: 0345 2378098; E-mail: zhangdp@cmec.com Headquarters (China): Address: CMEC building, No. 165, Jinze Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China Contact: Wu Guang Tel: 010-89161287; E-mail: wuguang@cmec.com

Where do I search and apply for CPAIC jobs?

Please visit our Career section.

How can I partner CPAIC with hotel accommodation / logistics services?

Please send your hotel / company information to exhibitions daibao001@cmec.com; renhq001@cmec.com for our Exhibitions Department consideration.

How many trade seminars and matchmaking meetings does CPAIC organise in 2021?

CPAIC will organize 5 business forums covering the theme of China-Pakistan cooperation in seed, husbandry and fishery, diary and food processing, machinery and cold chain, horticulture, and other agriculture-related areas.

How can I join in CPAIC business forums, seminars and matchmaking meetings?

Please send your application letter to haoyq@ce.cn. Business details you provide will enable us to arrange business partner for you.