Chinese enterprise promotes Pakistani dragon fruit export through FoodAg

By Mariam Raheem | Gwadar Pro Aug 16, 2023

KARACHI, Aug. 16 (Gwadar Pro)- An eye-catching array of red, white and yellow dragon fruit products artfully arranged on tables created a visually stunning display at Pakistan's first international food and agriculture exhibition titled FoodAg 2023 at Expo Centre Karachi from August 10 to 12. Fresh dragon fruits, carefully selected for their size and quality, invite visitors to experience their exotic allure.

Chinese enterprise promotes Pakistani dragon fruit export through FoodAg

Setting up an impressive stand at the expo, S&Y Metals Pvt Ltd, a Chinese dragon fruit growing enterprise in Pakistan, showcased a wide range of high-quality Pakistani dragon fruit products to build the image of Pakistan dragon fruit through the international platform set up by the Pakistani government.

Through engaging displays and informative presentations, the Chinese enterprise highlighted the unique qualities of Pakistani dragon fruit, such as its vibrant colors, refreshing taste, and nutritional benefits. They highlighted the fruit’s potential to meet the growing global demand for healthy produce. Visitors are interested in the fresh fruit, processed goods and value-added products of dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit has been cultivated in Pakistan for several years, primarily for domestic consumption. However, recent efforts to promote its export potential have shed light on the fruit’s ability to captivate international consumers.

Shan Ailin, general manager of S&Y Metals Pvt Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm for promoting Pakistani dragon fruit exports. He stated, “We firmly believe in the potential of Pakistani dragon fruit to captivate international markets. By participating in the Pakistani Food Expo, we aim to create awareness about the exceptional quality of Pakistani dragon fruit and facilitate its export to countries around the world.”

As one of the first Chinese companies to promote dragon fruit cultivation in Pakistan, Shan expects that Pakistan's dragon fruit will have surplus production capacity by 2025, making it imperative to find export customers. “We are currently the supplier and technical trainer of Pakistan dragon fruit seedlings. In the future, we will serve as the export purchasing distributor with establishing efficient transportation networks and cold chain facilities which is crucial to maintain the freshness and quality of the dragon fruit during transit, ” added him.

As the FoodAg concluded, the Chinese enterprise received positive feedback from international buyers who expressed a keen interest in sourcing Pakistani dragon fruit. Shan said that “envoys, officials and traders from 12 countries have expressed interest in Pakistan dragon fruit. Pakistan enjoys close trade ties with Central Asia and other neighboring countries and regions. The geographical proximity and trade agreements between Pakistan and these countries provide favorable conditions for dragon fruit export.”

“With the support of strategic partnerships, government initiatives, and the dedication of Pakistani growers and exporters, the export of Pakistani dragon fruit to the neighboring countries will be poised for continued success. This success not only benefits the agricultural sector but also strengthens the trade relations between Pakistan and these regions,” Shan concluded.

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