Students, teachers launch aid services for flood victims in Balochistan

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Aug 6, 2022

In order to help flood victims of Balochistan, students and teachers have launched humanitarian services on a self-help basis.

Students of all ages and teachers in universities, colleges and schools have made groups and teams to put their contributions in ongoing rescue and relief operations for flood victims.

Lasbella University, Turbat University, Balochistan University of Engineering and Technology, and Bolan University have set up relief camps, food camps, baggage camps, fundraising camps, aid camps and others on roads and streets to mobilise the general public to donate as per their financial capacity.

Local transporters have also joined the camps to help dispatch relief commodities. The business community, especially the garment sector, submitted their aid and benefactions. Religious scholars and politicians visited the students’ and teachers’ camps and motivated all and sundry to pour in their donations as much as possible.

Sumbal Baloch, a student of Turbat University said that students are the builders of the nation. “At this juncture when people of Balochistan are massively displaced and homeless in the wake of the worst flash flood and torrential rains, it is our national duty to do all for the assistance and support of victims”.

Qasim Ali of Lasbella University heaped praise on donors’ humanitarian gestures belonging to all spheres of life, saying Pakistan is a great nation and will never leave Balochistan’s flood victims in the lurch.

Most of the donation camps collected and disbursed packets of flour, sugar, rice, biscuits, oil, tea, dried milk, peas, pulses and other kitchen stuff.

Meanwhile, the first consignment of goods and daily edible items were sent from the University of Karachi to many flood-hit localities of Balochistan.

On behalf of the ‘KU Teachers Balochistan Flood Relief Effort’, the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi and Faisal Edhi said that the ration for more than 1, 000 people and cheques of Rs4, 75, 000/- was handed over to the Edhi Foundation as a first shipment.

Faisal Edhi said that it augurs well that teachers and vice-chancellor of the country’s largest university contributed to a noble cause.

He appreciated that teachers who are part of ‘KU Teachers Balochistan Flood Relief Effort’ were also going to Lasbela and nearby districts to distribute the goods and supplies among the rainfall victims of Balochistan. He shared that a truck and five other vehicles were dispatched from the University of Karachi and a second consignment would be scheduled soon.

According to Dr Riaz Ahmed, more than Rs1.2 million has been collected so far for the people of Balochistan, and donations for flood relief would reach Rs2 million in the next few days. He shared that a collection camp would be established on the campus to collect more relief goods, medicines, and other stuff.



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