China-Pakistan housing industrialization: a path to a brighter future

By Zafar Hussain | Gwadar Pro Aug 10, 2023

BEIJING,Aug.10(Gwadar Pro) - The online signing ceremony of the China-Pakistan Housing Industrialization and Post-disaster Reconstruction Project was held at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing on 9th Aug to help people who suffered the worst flood ever which displaced about 33 million people in Pakistan.

Addressing a ceremony, Jian Philips, honorary investment counselor said that in the face of the disaster which brought heavy losses to Pakistani people, and given the urgency and importance of post-disaster reconstruction, China-Pakistan International Silk Road Industry Investment Management Co., LTD and Pakistan Gain International Group co., LTD are willing to cooperate in Pakistan's housing industrialization and post-disaster reconstruction.

He further said that on the one hand, through the export of China's building materials, Pakistan will gradually form a complete building materials industry and realize urban modernization; on the other hand, Pakistan provides "low-cost affordable housing" for people in flooded areas and poor areas through industrial cooperation to ensure social stability.

“We believe through close cooperation between China-Pakistan international silk road industry investment management co., LTD. and Pakistan gain international group co., LTD., Pakistan’s housing industrialization project will be a benchmark of CPEC and will provide Pakistani people with more jobs, let more people enjoy a better life,” he mentioned.

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