China’s leading mobile payment apps to accept int’l credit and debit cards

By Fatima Javed | Gwadar Pro Jul 7, 2023

ISLAMABAD, Jul. 6 (Gwadar Pro) - Starting from July, Alipay and WeChat, China's two leading mobile payment apps, will start accepting foreign credit and debit cards to purchase things inside the country without using cash.

According to the official statement, users can now link their international credit or debit card to both payment apps, enabling hassle-free payments and unlocking a convenient and secure way to navigate the Chinese market.

"Visitors will have access to a new universe of merchants and services, including shopping, dining, hotel accommodation, transportation, and more, spanning both online and offline experiences and covering all aspects of life in China."

The step will provide a great opportunity for international travelers to tap into the vast potential of digital payment solutions and connect with a global audience.

Previously, foreigners had to open a Chinese bank account to use local payment platforms, making transactions in China difficult since many stores don't accept cash.

Pakistani visitors and businessmen visiting China for the short term have admired the initiative and termed it highly significant for international travelers and global commerce.

"This is greatly significant given the fact that China is generally a cashless country these days," said Khalid Abbas, a businessman from Yiwu, China. He said the development has opened up a world of possibilities for seamless transactions, whether you're a tourist exploring China or an international business owner engaging in cross-border commerce.

"Foreigners can now look forward to exploring and shopping with just a scan of their phone," he added.

Since 2010, mobile payments have become incredibly popular and widespread throughout China, offering a convenient payment method for Chinese residents.

However, international tourists often face challenges when attempting to make payments in China, as mobile payments have largely replaced credit cards and even cash in both online and offline settings.

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