Eid ul Adha celebration in China

By Zafar Hussain | Gwadar Pro Jun 29, 2023

BEIJING, Jun.29(Gwadar Pro) - A large number of Pakistanis and Muslim communities in China are celebrating Eid-ul-Adha across China while a major gathering of Pakistanis started with Eid prayer in the Embassy Mosque at Pakistan Embassy in Beijing on June 29.

Talking to Gwadar Pro, Zubair Bashir who participated in the activity said that the celebration of Eid holds great significance for the Pakistani community, even when they are residing in foreign lands. China, with its growing Pakistani population, has become a hub for the festivities of Eid.

“Pakistanis living in China celebrate Eid and the unique cultural blend emerges from this cross-cultural celebration. From traditional customs to vibrant gatherings, the joyous spirit of Eid is experienced by Pakistanis in China,” Zubair Bashir added.

Pakistani Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said that Eid is an opportune time to practice the sublime values of sacrifice, compassion, and empathy. “As we celebrate the festivity of Eid, let us remember to share our joys with the poor, the sick, and the less privileged,” he added. 

Ahmed Zubair also joined the celebration. He told Gwadar Pro that he is missing his home country because his friends and relatives are there, but due to the friendly atmosphere in China, he also enjoys Eid here.

“I usually go to mosque and offer prayers. After that, I sacrifice an animal together with friends. This year I’m sacrificing a goat, as it's actually the festival of sacrifice,” Ahmed Zubair added.

It is to be noted that the day of Eid ul Adha falls on the tenth day in the twelfth month of the Islamic lunar calendar.

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