China, Pakistan deepens cultural exchanges via mutual translation & publication

By Staff Reporter | China Economic Net Jun 18, 2023

BEIJING, June 18 (China Economic Net) - The first batch of classic works under the MoU on mutual translation and publication of classics between China and Pakistan was released at the 2023 Beijing International Book Fair held in Beijing on June 15.

As per the Memorandum of Understanding on Mutual Translation and Publication of Classic Works signed by both countries, the first batch of 10 classic works includes "I Can Still Live Like the Wind: An Anthology of Pakistani Women's Writing”, "Zeenat" and so on.

"I Can Still Live Like the Wind: An Anthology of Pakistani Women's Writing" brings together short stories and poems by more than 60 Pakistani female writers, fully demonstrating the rich achievements of contemporary Pakistani women. "Zeenat" tells the story of a well-educated lady Zeenat, who bravely tackles challenges to reunite with her husband and children. On the occasion, these classic works were gifted to Pakistani students studying in China.

"Pakistan and China enjoy a proud history of linkages between our writers and intellectuals. Under the broad rubric of the 'Executive Agreement on Cultural Cooperation' signed in 1965, our two countries have expanded bilateral exchanges in the fields of art, culture, literature and people-to-people exchanges," Pakistani Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said while attending the 28th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) back in 2021.

China and Pakistan signed a memorandum on translation and publication of classics back in 2021, in an effort to give fresh impetus to cultural and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries. The two sides agreed to publish 50 classics considered to be the most classic, important and top-rated in the two countries in the next five years, with the joint efforts of experts in culture and publication from both sides.

Founded in 1986, Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) is one of the most influential book exhibition platforms in China and one of the most international book fairs in Asia.

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