Farm machines at Canton Fair attract Pakistani buyers

By Saira Iqbal | Gwadar Pro Apr 27, 2023

GUANGZHOU,Apr.27(Gwadar Pro) - During the 133rd China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, a section for agricultural machines attracted a lot of Pakistani buyers.

Electric trolley is one of the devices that interest visitors the most. “It can carry more weight, and it is auto-controlled. The traditional trolley we use in Pakistan is completely different from that.” A Pakistani buyer said. “You can see how innovative they have made it by installing a motor and hydraulic system in a small trolley. It also fits small-scale farmers. It can have a huge market in Pakistan.” He added.

The booth said that the electric trolley normally works with an electric wood breaker. “It can break wood into small pieces. You can give commands through the control panel about how small the pieces you want to cut the wood into. You can also convert it into sawdust. The output will automatically fall into this trolley.” The exhibitor introduced.

Federal Minister for Industries and Production in Pakistan, Syed Murtaza Mahmud recently stressed the importance of farm mechanization. He also encouraged converting raw products into value-added products to promote agribusiness.

Automatic grinder is a widely used machine for value-added agricultural products in China. “It is very interesting that you can put whatever crop in it, like wheat, spices, even meat. Here all of your demands for the machine will be met, whatever power and capacity you want,” said another Pakistani buyer. “I think the products at Canton Fair are of good quality with fair prices. When you place orders in large quantity, the price will be fairer.”

In this place, we can find a lot of advanced devices that can be introduced to Pakistan, which are essential for increasing the agricultural productivity of the country. Hope these new technologies can give Pakistan more inspiration to make agribusiness more productive and profitable.

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