Lanting Forum: Chinese Modernization and Global Development

By Saud Faisal Malik | Gwadar Pro Apr 23, 2023

Editor's Note: The author is Saud Faisal Malik, CEO of Daily CPEC. The article only reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily of Gwadar Pro.

The 2023 Lanting Forum opens in Shanghai, China, drawing the world's attention to China's significant role in driving modernization and global development. Modernization is vital for the world's continued growth and prosperity, and China's commendable efforts to advance this goal deserve recognition and support from the international community. 

The Lanting Forum is a high-level dialogue platform initiated in December 2010 by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It aims to promote intellectual exchange and cultural dialogue, inviting prominent international figures from various fields to discuss global issues and China's role in the world. A total of 21 forums have been held previously on different themes, with the forum being a symbol of public diplomacy. It is typically attended by high-level government officials, business leaders, academics, and experts from China and around the world.

The theme of the forum this year, "Chinese Modernization and the World", is particularly timely and relevant in light of China's ever-increasing prominence in the global economy and international relations. As such, the Lanting Forum provides an important platform for China to showcase its achievements in modernization and to engage with the rest of the world on matters of mutual interest.

China's successful modernization efforts have lifted millions out of poverty and contributed to international trade and investment through heavy investment in infrastructure. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a major international project, aims to promote economic growth and development by investing in infrastructure such as highways, railways, and ports to enhance connectivity and cooperation among countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe.

China has also become a leader in technology innovation with companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, and Tencent making significant global impact in areas such as 5G networks, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce.

China's modernization efforts have also prioritized environmental protection and sustainable development. The government has implemented policies to reduce carbon emissions and improve air and water quality. The country is investing heavily in renewable energy, including wind and solar power, and has become the world's largest producer of solar panels. In addition, China is working to improve waste management and promote recycling.

China’s tailored approach to modernization emphasizes the leadership of the Communist Party of China, whole-process people's democracy, cultural enrichment, common prosperity, harmony between humanity and nature, and new forms of human advancement.

China's commitment to modernization and global development goes beyond its own borders. The country recognizes that achieving its goals requires collaboration and cooperation. China is working with other countries to address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and disease, recognizing that these issues require collective action and cooperation, and has been actively involved in reforming and developing the global governance system to ensure that it is more inclusive, fair, and effective.

The Lanting Forum provides an opportunity for China to contribute to the building of a more equitable and just international order, given its success in China and its influence on other developing countries. As China's approach to modernization offers an alternative model, the forum highlights China's role in driving modernization and global development and serves as an important platform for China to engage with the international community, showcase its achievements, and promote greater cooperation and understanding.

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