Ramazan: China’ 3-day iftar reception gets underway in Gwadar

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Apr 17, 2023

Gwadar, Apr.17 (Gwadar Pro)- In the sacred month of Ramazan, a three-day Iftar reception is being organized for hundreds of local common people of Gwadar by the Chinese embassy in collaboration with China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) and local NGO “Helping Hand Foundation Gwadar”.

Ramazan: China’ 3-day iftar reception gets underway in Gwadar

Iftar reception started on Sunday. It will continue on Monday and Tuesday. The Chinese Embassy wished the local people of Gwadar a very blissful fasting days in the month of Ramadan. More than 200 people of Gwadar belonging to the lower strata of society are being served at Iftar time daily for three days.

Elaborate Iftar will include fresh water, drinks, traditional delights (sweet and salty), meals, and local dishes. A COPHC official said that under the CSR framework, COPHC is arranging the special Iftar receptions for Muslim residents of Gwadar, considering them brothers.

China’s 3-Day Iftar Program has commenced with enthusiasm leaving a lasting imprint of philanthropism, humanity and a people-to-people bond between China and the indigenous community of impoverished people in Gwadar.

Helping Hand Foundation official said “the sort of assistance we received from the esteemed Embassy is unprecedented". "This kind gesture serves affability. Apart from helping the poor have enough to eat, it boosts the morale of local youth that the Chinese brothers stand by us through thick and thin", he added.

Another official of Helping Hand Foundation, praised the auspicious efforts by COPHC and Chinese authorities, saying such generous contributions by the Chinese brothers for a specifically religious event reflect their vision of inclusivity and coexistence.

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