China-Pakistan Joint Laboratory in Tianjin to boost bilateral cooperation: Pakistani diplomat

By Shafqat Ali | Gwadar Pro Apr 11, 2023

ISLAMABAD, Apr. 11 (Gwadar Pro) -The ‘China-Pakistan Joint Laboratory on Smart Disaster Management/Prevention of Major Infrastructures’ in Tianjin will serve as a platform to boost cooperation between China and Pakistan, according to Khan Muhammad Wazir, Science Counsellor (Technical Affairs), Embassy of Pakistan in China.

In a statement issue, he said Joint Laboratory aims to train researchers and scientists from Pakistan at Master and Doctoral levels and other high-level talents in the fields of civil engineering, smart disaster prevention, and big data related to major infrastructure, including high rises, dams, ports, bridges, and railway platforms.

Khan Muhammad Wazir underlined that the platform will strengthen exchanges and communication between the scientific communities of both countries and serve the people of China and Pakistan.

Administered by the Ministry of Science and Technology, China, the Joint Laboratory is a collaboration of partner universities and research institutions from China and Pakistan. Chinese partners include Southeast University, Shenzhen University, Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Management, and Hefei Institute of Public Safety of Tsinghua University, he added.

Meanwhile, the University of Science and Technology Bannu is the partner university from the Pakistani side. The partner universities and research institutions from both China and Pakistan will use the Laboratory as a platform to apply for Chinese Scientific Research Projects and avail of Scientific Research funding.

Additionally, the Chinese partner universities will invite government personnel and university researchers from Pakistan for short-term exchanges and learning to enhance the friendship between the two countries.

The China-Pakistan Joint Laboratory is one of the seven joint laboratories China set up with BRI countries. The lab will jointly organize international conferences to promote Belt and Road Joint laboratories and relevant scientific research institutions in China and Pakistan on the international stage.

The construction of the Joint Laboratory not only focuses on academic research but also promotes Chinese intelligent disaster prevention technology in Pakistan and other Belt and Road countries.

To achieve the objectives of the Joint Laboratory, more universities from the Pakistani side will be included in this cooperation. “We are optimistic about the success of this joint venture and believe that it will bring immense benefits to both countries in the areas of disaster management and infrastructure,” said Khan Muhammad Wazir.

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