Chinese diplomacy: an important contributor to global stability and cooperation

By Saud Faisal Malik | Gwadar Pro Apr 3, 2023

Editor's Note: The author is Saud Faisal Malik, CEO of Daily CPEC. The article only reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily of Gwadar Pro.


From mediating peace talks between Iran and Saudi Arabia to the use of power of discourse and diplomacy to play a vital role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China has risen to be the recent most prominent figure in international diplomacy. China's diplomatic efforts have been critical in promoting global peace, stability, and cooperation. Chinese diplomacy has not only aided in forming partnerships and alliances but also in promoting its own interests in a cost-effective manner.

One of China's distinct diplomatic advantages is its emphasis on discourse power; the ability to shape and influence the narrative on global issues. China has shaped the narrative on issues such as climate change, global governance, and international trade by leveraging its soft power and economic influence.

One of the most essential ways China has used discourse power is to promote a new type of international relations. This new form of international relations places a premium on mutual respect, win-win cooperation, and shared development. It represents a break from the traditional great power politics that has dominated the international system for centuries. China has been able to promote this new type of international relations and gain support from other countries through its diplomacy.

Diplomacy is crucial in promoting international cooperation. China’s diplomacy has also helped promote regional stability. The country has emerged as a major player in the global economy, with increasing clout in international trade, investment, and development. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which aims to connect China to various parts of the world through infrastructure and trade, has been lauded as an important contribution to global economic development. It is a platform for international cooperation and an engine for global economic growth.

With rising protectionism and anti-globalization sentiment, China has advocated for a more open, inclusive, and interconnected global economy. China's diplomacy has also aided in the advancement of global governance and multilateralism. China has been collaborating with other countries to reform the global governance system to better reflect the world's changing realities. Consequently, China's diplomatic efforts have made significant contributions to global politics and the rise of global economic development. The country's diplomatic cost-benefit analysis has been praised for its effectiveness and strategic nature. China's role as a mediator in current international tensions has been remarkable, with the country playing a vital role in ensuring peaceful conflict resolution. As tensions rise in various parts of the world, China's diplomatic efforts to promote global stability and shape the international order are critical.

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