Chinese company to introduce energy solutions in Pakistan's remote areas

By Fatima Javed | Gwadar Pro Mar 30, 2023

CHITRAL, Mar. 30 (Gwadar Pro) - LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (LONGi), a Chinese solar technology company, plans to expand its solar operations in remote areas of Pakistan. Since the successful introduction of its energy solutions in Chitral, the company has been actively involved in promoting sustainable energy practices in underdeveloped regions of the country.

"There's no denying that solar energy solutions in Chitral have brought a remarkable transformation in the underdeveloped regions of Pakistan," said Ali Majid, Director LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Pakistan.

Talking to Gwadar Pro, he said that they planed on expanding solar operations to more remote areas across the country to enable SME's to function more efficiently while promoting sustainable business practices.

The company has collaborated with local partners to provide customized solar solutions for various projects, including commercial and residential installations, as well as large-scale utility projects. Specifically, the company has achieved a remarkable milestone of 1 GW shipment to the Pakistani market.

Chinese company to introduce energy solutions in Pakistan's remote areas

LONGi at their product launch 2022 in Lahore, Pakistan. [Photo/Gwadar Pro]

He said, "we have a strong commitment to promoting the adoption of solar energy in Pakistan and to providing high-quality solar products and solutions that meet the unique needs of this market."

"Area where we made a significant impact is the district of Chitral, located in the mountainous region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The introduction of solar energy solutions in Chitral has helped provide energy that is clean and reliable," he added.

Majid believes that the latest 40 kW solar project at PSO ICC-2 Filling Station in Chitral is a step towards a sustainable future with green energy. It produces 55,000 KW/h of clean energy per year, making a significant contribution to a greener tomorrow.

"With rising energy costs across the country, this installation will help fuel stations and restaurants reduce costs significantly. This has resulted in improved business operations, cost-effectiveness, and new opportunities for entrepreneurship and economic growth," he further added.

Pakistan holds tremendous potential for solar and wind energy with abundant resources and capacity for growth. Only a few public and private companies have started to develop renewable energy technology (RET) developments in rural areas of Pakistan.

In the current industrial climate, renewable sources of power present a solution that is cost-effective, reliable, and efficient. It is a solution that benefits all segments including enterprises, SMEs, and consumers.

Experts believe that such projects should be extended to other underdeveloped areas of FATA and Pakistan as such projects have great positive impacts on the livelihood of the remote community.

Government should encourage and facilitate donor agencies while installing solar systems in rural areas. And solar technology should be subsidized so that poor people may also purchase it easily considering their financial and purchasing ability.

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