China-made OMODA shares technological glory with Pakistani clients

By Mariam Raheem | Gwadar Pro Mar 23, 2023

KARACHI, Mar. 23. (Gwadar Pro)- "As a Chinese brand committed to independent research and development, Chery has been driven by technology to advance its global strategy in order to ensure the continued growth of sales volume, vehicle quality, and client reputation." We are always willing to share its scientific and technological achievements with our Pakistani clients in real time," highlighted Mr. Qi, Director of Southern Asia Region in OMODA, Chery Group.

Qi revealed, in a recent interview with Gwadar Pro, that Chery’s new OMODA brand will be added to the list of consumer choices for Pakistani customers in the second half of this year. He termed it a technological and stylish work, following the popularity of Tiggo4 and Tiggo8 in Pakistan.

China-made OMODA shares technological glory with Pakistani clients

The OMADA series has the spatial performance of an MPV, the chassis of an SUV, and the handling of a sedan, and can be described as a combination of features from various models. As the first OMODA product, OMODA 5 comprehensively meets the needs of a new generation of users. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology configurations and stunning, surging power, with intelligent assistant driving and power performance that leads products in its class, giving it an infinite sense of future and movement.

According to Euro NCAP’s latest safety test results, the OMODA 5 has passed the most professional and rigorous safety evaluation, earning the highest five-star safety rating for its outstanding performance in four areas, including adult and child occupants, vulnerable road users, and safety assist.

OMODA 5’s success in the rigorous Euro NCAP tests is attributed to its emphasis on user interest and its own highest pursuit of quality. The cross-style SUV has catered to the key demands of global consumers from the R&D and design stage. It has not only made great advances in terms of body structure, safety configuration, and other aspects but has also conducted adaptive development validation in different environments and road conditions around the world.

Since the very beginning, when it was founded, OMODA has conducted over 1,000 surveys in over 20 countries and regions worldwide, including Pakistan, to deeply analyze the market and understand the users’ needs, by which it has creatively completed some key processes including modeling design, power train adjustment, technology configuration, and even product naming on the basis of actual feedback from global users.

"During the survey, we found that young people in Pakistan have a high aesthetic level, and have a special preference for high-tech products," Qi said. "Even the name OMODA is elected by users from over 600 proposals worldwide. OMODA highlights the good-looking appearance and high-technology perception on account of the ‘Modern’ lifestyle, through which the Pakistani youth can keep up with the world trend of automobile development."

OMODA is more than just a vehicle, offering enjoyable and personalized peripherals such as sports kettles, outdoor kits, cycling bracelets, sun cream jars, and stylish headbands. Qi said these peripheral products will be launched in Pakistan in tandem with OMODA to develop a user ecosystem that combines travel, adventure, social networking, gathering, hiking, and a number of other life scenarios.

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