70 wagons dispatched from China for Pak Railways to reach on Monday

By Khalid Aziz | Gwadar Pro Jan 15, 2023

ISLAMABAD, Jan 15, (Gwadar Pro)- Pakistan Railways (PR) announced on Saturday that 70 wagons to be attached to cargo trains had been shipped from China. 
According to the press release, the cutting-edge wagons will arrive in Karachi on Monday, January 16. As many as 130 more such wagons will be added to the Railways system this year as part of an 820-wagon project. The remaining 620 wagons will be built in Pakistan under the agreement's transfer of technology clause. According to the press release, manufacturing the wagons in Pakistan will save precious foreign reserves while also creating jobs.
According   PR, the new wagons will increase Pakistan Railways' profits by more than PKR 1.5 billion per year. With a load of 60 tonnes, the existing wagons can only reach a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. According to the press release, the new wagons can travel at 100 kilometers per hour with a load of 70 tonnes. The addition of new wagons will also encourage the culture of sending goods via railways, according to PR.

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