Gwadar port starts phase-vise import of 2 lac tons fertilizer for Govt sector

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Dec 30, 2022

GWADAR, Dec 30, (Gwadar Pro)- Gwadar Port has begun the import of 200,000 tons of urea fertilizer for the government sector. This milestone project began just a few days before the end of 2022, and it appears to be a new step for 2023. This will help Gwadar Port establish itself as a regional logistics hub.
So far, the private sector has processed and transported all imported commodities from Gwadar Port, including wheat and fertilizer imported under the Afghanistan Transit Trade Agreement. For the first time, Pakistan Trade Corporation (TCP) reached an agreement with China Overseas Port Holding Corporation (COPHC), the Chinese operator of Gwadar Port. The agreement now calls for the import of 200,000 tons of urea fertilizer from Gwadar Port in stages.
Gwadar Port began processing urea fertilizers after a bulk carrier named Ultra ESTERHAZY docked at Gwadar Port on December 29th with a consignment of 32,000 tons of urea. The total import will be completed in three phases.
COPHC official told Gwadar Pro that “Shipping service provider (Makran Trader) and Ship clearing agent are both local. This means Gwadar Port is providing business opportunities to the locals on a large scale.” He stated that because Gwadar port has gained credibility in the private sector, TCP is importing 200,000 tons of urea and 450,000 tons of wheat through Gwadar Port.
GPA sources revealed that Gwadar transshipment drive is picking up momentum. Gwadar Port recently processed a consignment of 8,000 tons of DAP fertilizers, which were then transported by road to Afghanistan, marking the first Afghanistan fertilizer shipment in 2022. 

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