CRBC-HBSZ to execute Restoration and Upgradation of Sukkur Barrage

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Oct 7, 2022

KARACHI, Oct.7 (Gwadar Pro)- The Government of Sindh with the support of the World Bank has laid the foundation of the “Restoration and Upgradation of Sukkur Barrage” project, which will be completed at an estimated cost of Rs. 34 billion.

M/s China Road & Bridge Corporation─Hubei Shuizong Water Resources and Hydropower Construction Co. Ltd. (CRBC-HBSZ) (J.V) is the contractor of the project to execute and complete the works and the remedying of any defects therein. Sindh Barrages Improvement Project (SBIP), Irrigation Department, Govt of Sindh, is the implementation body of the project. The project aims to extend the life of the 90-year-old Sukkur Barrage by another 30 years.

Talking to Gwadar Pro, SBIP Technical Officer Imran Tunio said that CRBC-HBSZ will complete the project in four years, adding advanced study regarding the construction of the barrage will also be conducted.

Mr. Tunio said the project includes rehabilitation and modularization of the structure, mechanical components, development of the system, improvement of surveillance and monitoring system, dredging, desilting of left and right canals, etc.

The Sukkur Barrage has 66 gates; of them, six gates have been replaced while 10 are completely damaged. Under the project, the work of the 50 gates will be kicked off during the month of October.

Sukkur Barrage is one of the most important and strategic structures of the Indus basin irrigation system. Located about 170 kilometers downstream of Guddu Barrage, Sukkur Barrage supplies water to seven large canals on the left and right banks with a total command area of approximately 3.2 million hectares whose annual agricultural production is worth about US$2.29 billion; thus, it is considered a lifeline for Sindh. The analysis revealed that Sukkur Barrage, which was constructed in 1932, needed rehabilitation and modernization, particularly related to its capacity for flood passage and diversion of adequate amounts of water to the seven irrigation canals.

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