3rd BRI Chinese language training course for police in Islamabad inaugurated

By Mariam Raheem | Gwadar Pro Sep 24, 2022

3rd BRI Chinese language training course for police in Islamabad inaugurated

ISLAMABAD, Sept. 24 (Gwadar Pro) - The opening ceremony of the third “Belt and Road Initiative” Chinese Language Training Course for Police Personnel in Islamabad, hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and undertaken by China Pakistan Education and Culture Institute (CPECI), was inaugurated on September 22. 20 trainees from various police stations in Islamabad took part in the training.

On the occasion, Li Qingchun, Police Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, pointed out the significance of the training course, which is a testament to the friendly exchanges between China and Pakistan, as well as a symbol of cooperation between the police and the people of the two countries and the closeness between the two peoples.

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police Representative Farya thanked the organizers for providing this learning opportunity and hoped that all the trainers could fully apply the Chinese language they have learned at work and become a bridge and bond of friendship between China and Pakistan to guarantee the safety of Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

CPECI chairman Ma Heju, thanked the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and the ICT Police for their strong support for this training, hoping that it will enhance the understanding of Chinese culture among Pakistani police officers and promote the exchanges between China and Pakistan. “We actively respond to the call of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan to ‘deeply cultivate the culture of the two countries and deepen the friendship between the two countries’, hoping that this will enhance the safety and protection of Chinese compatriots in Pakistan,” he added.

In the first two sessions, CPECI organized training courses for police officers in Islamabad, including basic, daily and professional use of Chinese, cultural experience and industry practice. In the training course, the institute has compiled its own Chinese training materials for policing, which is more convenient for Pakistani police officers to systematically understand Chinese culture.

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