Gwadar Pak-China Football Match warms local hearts

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Sep 15, 2022

GWADAR, Sept. 15 (Gwadar Pro) - Opening up a new era of cementing the people-to-people bond between China and Pakistan and promoting local games in Gwadar, the 1st “Pak-China Friendly Football Match” was held at Futsal Football ground alongside Marine Drive that runs with bustling beach of Gwadar. 

Fascinated and thrilled by local spectators, the Pak-China Friendly Football Match was organized in connection with commemoration of the 71st anniversary of the establishment of Pak-China diplomatic relations under the auspice of Chinese Embassy Islamabad and in collaboration with Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR) and District Football Association (DFA), Gwadar.   

In the front to the enchanting sea of Gwadar that spells unimaginable vibrancy, Futsal football ground where Pak-China Friendly Football Match marked a new chapter of Pak-China romanticism took everybody by storm. Seemingly it rocked due to its natural mesmerizing features like Gwadar beach at one side and beautiful mountain at the other side coupled with huge public response. It reminded people an iconic sensation "Gwadar cricket stadium" that gained whopping fame at national and international level. Among Gwadar highlights, Fustal football ground has now emerged as testament of genesis of Pak-China people-to-people bond in Gwadar.  

Having glanced at banner erected on the ground inscribing “Pak-China Friendly Football Match” one kid spectator Mir Shahid (14) said the incredibly winsome and credit goes to China for making this happen.  

Pak-China Friendly Football Match let the local people know China's ambitions brimming with friendship and gregariousness. The match has exposed vicious international agenda and brought people close to China.  

On the occasion, the Chinese Consul General Karachi Li Bijian said that holding of such games will help the youth of Gwadar  polish their football credentials. He urged  making such move sustainable to boost up  football game in Gwadar.  

District Football Association DFA Gwadar President Mir Arshad Kalmati said Pak-China friendly Football Match is a tangible success of China's sincere efforts of nurturing warm bond and ties with local people of Gwadar. “Since China entered Gwadar, other works were up and running but such sports activities were missing. Now the ground-breaking of football match glorifying Pakistan and China inseparable friendship has given a clear signal that China respects and cares what Gwadar people love and care,” he added.  

“We expect more such games and Chinese cooperation especially synergic collaboration with Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR) in the future,” he added.   

Chief Guest Additional Deputy Commissioner Gwadar Zakir Ali Baloch said that such sports will make the best stride in engendering people-to-people connectivity and magnifying social contact with the local people of Gwadar.  “In my opinion, it will also lay down robust foundation of resilient relationship between Gwadar sports community and China,” he added saying holding of continuous cooperation in games will bring beget deep harmony and closeness between both countries.  

IIRMR President Yasir Habib Khan said that Pak-China Friendly Football Match has proven a stepping stone in engaging the youth of Gwadar and pledged that Gwadar young generation especially those channelizing their energies in football sports would also be supported in future in cooperation with China and DFA Gwadar.  “Gwadar youth possess natural talent and they need just a pat on their back. Fortunately, China is with us that will make sure to extend maximum financial and other sort of assistance to them so that Gwadar footballers may prove their mettle on national, regional and international arenas,” he added.    

Razwan Baloch, football fan in Gwadar said that it is going to be amazing sports for football fans of Gwadar to see their favorite teams playing quality football match. “Lack of funds are always an impairment in producing national level players. We desperately need such support. Gwadar youth pay tribute to China, IIRMR and DFA for making a joint endeavor for uplifting football game in Gwadar,” he added.   

Four teams participated in the game. They included Captain Allah Bukhsh Gabol Football Club, Captain Naseer Raj Football Club, Captain Ghafoor Maher Football Club and Captain Majeed Essa Football Club. The names of the teams were attributed to the names of legends of players of Gwadar.  

They comprised of 31 players that were Muhamad Isaque, Jalal Ghulam Rasool, Rezwan Ali, Yousaf Baloch, Muslim, Kashif Baloch, Muneer Ahmed, Amir Sawali, Numan Sajid, Sohail, Sajid Ali, Jameel Ahmed, Kabeer Mahroof, Ameer Umar, Zubair Ali, Zohair Baloch, Rezwan, Amir Muhammad, Faraz Ahmed, Basith Ali, Maheraj, Kamran Ali, Mubashar, Sajaj Arshid, Aqib, Mazhar Ali, Anwar Annu, Qadeer, Sameer Mujahid, Subhan Kareem and Naveed and Farooq.

The final match was won by Capt Gafoor Mehr Football Club. Chief Guest doled out winning trophy and cash gifts to players. 

Fustal football ground is located at the foot of Koh-e-Batil, one of the famous hills in the south of Gwadar city at an altitude of 470 feet. It is not new one rather has existed for decades. The city administration rehabilitated and transformed it into modern soccer ground. The grass, the installation of floodlights, and the building of the pavilion cost an estimated amount of Rs6 million. 

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