Pak-China collaboration to boost home appliance industry

By Staff Reporter | Gwadar Pro Sep 7, 2022

"Home appliance in Pakistan is a huge market of 200 million people while its industry size is not big enough as compared to the market,"said Faisal Afridi, President, JW Group(partner with Haier & MG) in Pakistan.

The electrical appliance industry in Pakistan is growing rapidly with an output value of around $1.1 billion, which, however, still cannot meet the local demands. Pak-China collaboration in this industry is a key source for introducing the best quality electronics appliances in Pakistan. It can also assist Pakistan in achieving its industrial progress.

"In Pakistan, different local and Chinese brands have tried to provide electronic products at a reasonable price to Pakistani consumers by adopting the roadmap of assembling and manufacturing. A part of this effort is also being contributed by our company. We have launched LED TVs of Hisense, microwave ovens and water dispensers of Midea in Pakistan," said Imran Ghani, CEO, Tri-Angles Electronics Private Limited, which is the distributor of Hisense and Midea in Pakistan.

"In Pakistan, power cuts are quite common. We are the first manufacturer to make fully automatic washing machines in Pakistan. But when power shuts down, the machine cannot automatically restart." General manager of Haier Pakistan Industrial Park Hu Ganggang introduced one typical example of the localization of home appliance products in Pakistan. "We redesigned the washing machine with a new function that when power shutdown happened, the machine can restart automatically when  power supply comes again. And we named this updated machine one touch, which means that you only need to touch the button once." 

In addition to import, Pakistan's demand for related technologies is also earnest. Currently, many Chinese electronics-related companies are transferring technology and increasing investment in Pakistan. The two countries have great cooperation potential in the realm of home appliances.

"In the world, the national labs and national standards are important. Pakistan was unfortunately far behind in labs related to home appliances and electronics. Haier had set up an air-conditioning lab in Pakistan, which made it the first company that has established a national laboratory in Pakistan." Faisal Afridi told us that all the related products manufactured in Pakistan can be certified from here. "In the long term, it will benefit our country in such a way that when we export our product to other countries, it will be approved naturally with a certification from Pakistan." He added.

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