Chinese individuals join hands in flood donation

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Sep 4, 2022

NOSHERA, Sept. 4 (Gwdar Pro) - “Our hearts skip a beat seeing Chinese rushing for help,” said by Fatima Shehzadi of age 13 sitting in open sky in Noshehra flood-hit area in Pakistan. “We needed water desperately and when I saw the Chinese, I knew drinking water has come,” she added.  

These accounts of deep affection made a vibe when Chinese individuals Song Kia and Hei Niu who managed to physically reach the flood-ravaged areas in Pakistan by their own will and resources and distributed daily essential items to the poor victims since many days.  

Along with Pakistanis people, Song Kia and Hei Niu are those Chinese individuals who have been registering new pinnacle of philanthropism on self-help basis in humanitarian work at flood-stricken villages, towns and even cities in Pakistan.  

Talking to Gwadar Pro, “having instilled the deep sense of anguish for brothers and sisters of flood victims embattling with the natural disaster, I have donated 4 truckloads of goods to Dera Ghazi Khan, the worst flood-hit area in Punjab,” Song Kia (a Chinese trader) said. The truck carried 3,200 bags of bread, 500 pieces of drinking water and 10 tons of flour. 

He said that the other batch of the same sort of food and water was also distributed in the area of Noshera and Sukkur. “Our mission is to help and it will continue in relief and rehabilitation of victims ruined by cataclysmic flood.”  

“People always welcome us with smile on their faces by keep shouting they love China and the Chinese people,” he expounded.    

“At the moment when flash flood and torrential rains have killed many Pakistanis and made them homeless and displaced besides causing an acute shortage of water and food, size and number of donations do not matter. In a dire strait, gesture of such Chinese individuals like Song Kia hailing from Shandong has inspired many to come forward to put their contribution as per their capacities,” Najma Zehra, a social worker told Gwadar Pro.  

Song Kia is a jade merchant who worked in the education sector in Pakistan from 2010-2015 and also participated in the construction of the project under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as a translator in 2016-2017.  

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