Chinese company donates $250,000 for flood-hit people of Balochistan

By Staff Reporter | Business Recorder Sep 2, 2022

KARACHI: MCC Resource Development Company, a Chinese company working in Pakistan, has donated $250,000 for flood victims of Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan.

He Xuping, Chairman MCC Resource Development Company handed over the Cheque of $250,000 to Faisal Naseem, Director, Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Balochistan at a ceremony held at Chinese Consulate General in Karachi on Thursday. The Chinese Consul General Li Bijian was also present on this occasion.

Speaking on this occasion, Chinese Consul General Li Bijian said that the Chinese government and its people have expressed solidarity with Pakistani flood victim families. The Chinese government has sent relief goods for flood hit people in Pakistan.

While appreciating the MCC for its donation of $250,000 for flood victims of Balochistan, the Consul General requested all Chinese companies working in Pakistan to provide all possible support to the people of Pakistan who have severely suffer in recent flash flood.

Faisal Naseem, Director, Provincial Disaster Management Authority, Balochistan thanked the Chinese Consul General and MCC representatives for their donation for flood victims of Balochistan.

He Xuping, Chairman of MCC Resource Development Company said that the flash flood disaster not seen in recent decades has ruined thousands of houses and destroyed large number of facilities and equipment within Pakistan, causing great injuries to the country and its people with the fatality of more than 1,100 and loss of about $10 billion dollars.

“On behalf of MCC and more than 3,000 Chinese and Pakistani employees working in Pakistan, I express condolence to those Pakistanis who lost their lives in the floods and sympathy to the governments and people affected by the disasters,” he said.

Being instructed by MCC which is under the direct management of China Minmetals Group, MCC projects of Saindak and Duddar should pay close attention to the local disaster situations with the utmost effort and support to the local government and people in fighting against the flood disaster apart from their own flood relief work, he said.

Upon obtaining the detailed report on the flood disaster in Pakistan, MCC immediately held the thematic meeting and decided to donate $250,000 to Balochistan where the infrastructure conditions are poor in all aspects but severely affected by the floods in light of supporting the government and people to fight against the floods and rebuild their homeland, he added.

As the two subsidiaries of China Minmetals Group that have been operating in Baluchistan for many years, regardless of their own serious damages and huge impact on the normal production and life brought by the floods, Saindak and Duddar still responded to the call of the Chinese and Pakistani governments and carried out the Group instructions without any hesitation, demonstrating the fact that even the floods are merciless but Chinese and Pakistanis are helping each other out through thick and thin, He Xuping said.

“Although with the small business scales, Saindak and Duddar always hold the concept of “Joint Construction and Shard Benefits” while taking the social responsibility fulfillment as one of the basic responsibilities. In recent years, only the accumulated amount of direct donations on the disaster relief or others to the people at different places, institutions of all levels, and organizations of all kinds has reached to $5 million, and the expenses on the social responsibility in other aspects have reached $10 million.

Actually, Saindak is far from the core areas of the floods, but our hearts are always beating together with the victims of the floods. We are encouraging the employees to donate money or materials voluntarily, and providing special assistance to the employees whose families were damaged by the floods. Soon after the floods, Duddar not only organized the road rescue but prepared food packages for the surrounding 30 families that were so seriously affected by the floods disasters.”

Common good should be pursued wholeheartedly, and different cultures should be valued equally. Under the strategic guidance of the CPEC by the Chinese and Pakistani governments and the guidance of the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in Pakistan, the two subsidiaries of MCC in Pakistan will adhere to the spirit of “No slacking and never delaying” to promote their strong development just for the greater capacity and responsibility in future, he said.

“We are willing to further participate in the economic and social construction of Pakistan, and work together with Pakistanis – Iron Brothers to effectively boost the mining development in Pakistan.”

Successful operations of Saindak Copper-gold project and Duddar Lead-Zinc project should be adopted as the foundation to build the model and long-lasting projects of China-Pakistan cooperation, he said. “We are ready to work with Pakistani brothers to deepen the China-Pakistan friendship and make more endeavors towards the development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor,” he added.

Liu Kai, Company Secretary and Vice President of MCC Duddar Mining Company (Private) Limited, in his speech said there has never been a huge historical disaster that was not compensated by historical progress. “I believe that the fraternal Pakistani government and people will be able to overcome the flood at an early date, rebuild their homes, and continue to move towards a better tomorrow,” he added.

He said the floods have caused many brothers and sisters in Pakistan to lose their homes and even their lives. “We are brought together today by a shared desire and love. We have different skin colors, different cultures, and different languages, but our hearts are connected and resonate at the same frequency. Because, we are real friends and all-weather brothers,” he said.

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