Gwadar women’s flood relief camps on rise

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Aug 27, 2022

GWADAR, Aug 27 (Gwadar Pro) - In flood woes, Gwadar women have teamed up in relief activities and played their anchoring role to help poor affectees heavily battered by flash floods and torrential rains that spelled spiral disaster and humanitarian crisis in Balochistan. 


Residents of Gwadar, the female strata of society held flood relief camps asking people to dole out maximum donations for flood victims. Flood relief camps have marked a new history of donation and humanitarian aid as for the first time, Gwadar women came out of their houses and organised flood relief camps on a self-help basis.  


Women especially social workers, teachers, doctors and civil servants collected daily essential items, clothes, bottled water and tents. They received these donations from businessmen, marketers, traders and the general public.  


Donors also contributed cash to the women's flood relief camps. Female students of the Gwadar Grammar School put their monetary contributions in the flood relief camps.  


Sidra Baloch, a school student, heaped praise for women flood relief camps and said that it is motivation to all women in Gwadar to contribute and prove themselves an important part of society.  


Mahnoor Fatima, a teacher in a private school, said that women's flood relief camps have ignited a humanitarian passion and it is hoped more such camps will be organised soon.  










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