5 companies’ proposals for Gwadar’s 1st Tourism Strategy

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Aug 18, 2022

GWADAR, Aug.18(Gwadar Pro) - To draft Gwadar's first Tourism Strategy, five high-profile companies have submitted their proposals to formulate conceptual and practical frameworks covering all aspects of promoting tourism in Gwadar City, Gwadar Tehsil, and adjoining areas.

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) as an executing body, has embarked upon processing the proposals weighing up anchoring ideas, insightfulness, intellectual features, thematic applicability, maintainability, and financial cost.

The guiding principles of hashing out Gwadar's first tourism strategy lie in the spirit of Gwadar's Smart Port City Master Plan 2017-2050. GDA is responsible for the implementation of the Gwadar Master Plan.

Talking to Gwadar Pro, Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) official (Investment and Procurement) Arsalan Ali, who is overseeing the entire process of Tourism Strategy, said that after GDA closed the bidding seeking Gwadar Tourism Strategy on August 12, five companies with rich and diverse experiences came up with their documented proposals.

The successful candidate will lay down a blueprint of a viable feasibility report to transform Gwadar into the best tourism destination in the region, he added.

Given the proposed Tourism Strategy, he said, "Ferry Service" is planned to be launched connecting adjoining areas of Gwadar and neighboring country Iran that will inculcate a startling sense among tourists to be amazed at the sound and sights of Gwadar.

The upcoming strategy will also entail "Festival Tourism". It will set tourists' interests ablaze, he claimed and added that Festival Tourism will unlock the sense of thematic festivity, offering people to get introduced to Gwadar's local events, fairs, and carnivals.

“Cultural Tourism” is another valuable aspect that will be incorporated in the proposed draft of Gwadar’s first tourism strategy, he said.

On a query, Mr. Arsalan Ali said that the new Gwadar Tourism Strategy will utilize the already established security infrastructure and personnel.

Recently, the Balochistan government launched tourist police in Gwadar to ensure a safe and secure environment for visitors thronging the coastal city for recreational activities.

Chief Secretary inaugurated the force whereas around 20 cops are planned to be deployed at picnic spots to facilitate the tourists in the district.

The force has been established under the Gwadar Safe City project which would be further strengthened in the near future, said an official of the Balochistan government.

He said the Gwadar Tourist police would be an exemplary force by guiding and helping the local and foreign tourists. The official said the government had provided vehicles and equipment for the tourist police to ensure better enforcement and facilitation to the visitors.

Meanwhile, the ecotourism resorts are being built in swing with allied facilities in the coastal areas of Balochistan to cater to the needs of local and foreign tourists. The construction work on the establishment of tourist resorts in Gwadar is underway.

Gwadar is situated on a natural hammerhead-shaped headland in the promising land of Balochistan. The city is situated on a tapered and sandy 12 kilometers long strip that links Pakistan to a rocky outcropping in the Arabian Sea known as Koh-e-Batil or Gwadar Peninsula.

Gwadar enjoys the bounty of seasons, different local languages, diverse ethnic groups, clear waters, exotic beaches, huge muddy plateaus, precious minerals, the most beautiful Arabian Sea, and the loving locals.

Tourism in Gwadar may be marked as adventure tourism with boat riding, fish catching, some prospects of jeep rally, and keeping in view the initiatives of the sea.  

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