Bamboo a unique Chinese solution to climate change, says Pakistani official

By Fatima Javed | China Economic Net Aug 3, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Aug. 3 (China Economic Net) - Bamboo is an effective carbon sink being promoted by China as a unique solution to climate change. Adopting and implementing Chinese strategies in Pakistan are more easy than following western and European solutions, says a senior official from Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change.

While talking to China Economic Net he said, “China has successfully worked on its forestation and took very good initiatives in bamboo production. China is competing with the west now. This is one area under climate change where we can get Chinese assistance.”

“In the past there is no major collaboration between Pakistan and China in the field of climate change. But now there is a need and also great potential between the two countries to work together in this area,” he added.

China has made a breakthrough in the development and scientific cultivation of bamboo. At present, China ranks first in bamboo research worldwide because of numerous research units and strong technical force.

In recent years, significant advances have been achieved in bamboo cultivation and development, carbon fixation and storage, and ecological and environmental functions in China.

Therefore, achieving progress and development of bamboo industry in Pakistan with Chinese experience can be a beneficial step towards forestation and climate change. The concept has already been introduced in Pakistan.

Bamboo is cultivated in several parts of Pakistan, and the country boasts around 15 bamboo species. Bamboo housing has also been used throughout the country to build post-disaster housing following earthquakes and floods.

In 2020, Pakistani architect Yasmeen Lari won the Jane Drew prize for her work designing a bamboo women’s center in northern Pakistan.

On 1 July 2021, Pakistan formally acceded to International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR). It is INBAR’s 48th Member State, and 16th in the Asia-Pacific region. In recent years, INBAR has collaborated with Pakistan on a number of occasions.

According to Professor Lu, INBAR Deputy Director General, “bamboo can be a critical part of Pakistan’s ongoing efforts to reforest degraded land as part of its new Plant for Pakistan initiative to plant 10 billion trees, and may provide a sustainable material for infrastructure and green job creation.”

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