Pakistan Auto Show, A Jewel Of Auto-World

By Staff Reporter | The Nation Jul 5, 2022

From 29-31 July 2022, th culturally rich city of Lahore will witness the 17th edition of the largest Pakistan Auto Show after a prelude of two years. The supporting partners are the Trade Development Authority, Govt. of Pakistan, the Engineering Development Board, PCSIR, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority.

Robert Irwin says, “There’s no way to really mock-up or simulate what I’m doing until I’m there. An exhibition for me is not a statement but an experiment.”

The IT revolution has composed the world in a single click virtually and village physically. The countries are interdependent on each other for trade and commerce to produce a synergy the world was unknown before that.  Today, the nations have put guns aside and plunged into the trade. Grounding after world war two, Japan set a model of how the world could be ruled over without the barrel of a gun. Every company and country is endeavoring for its share of global trade by using various trade tools. The trade shows and expos are the most effective of all. Such industrial and trade exhibitions are public gatherings debut to showcase their invocations and discuss information about a specific field or the products and services of a particular industry segment.  These gatherings serve to be educational, allow competitors and rivals to interact, and showcase new products. The Pakistan Auto Show (PAPS) is the flagship project of one of the largest nationwide trade bodies Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM), a very famous event in the country. The organizers believe that this edition will break all previous records. The last episode witnessed 100 exhibitors and about 100000 foot-fall, including the 13000 trade visitors. This event is favored by international and local brands from Pakistan and other parts of the world. Spreading over all the majestic four walls of the Lahore Expo Centre, it plays a vital role in introducing many investors and producers from China, Korea, Taiwan, and many other countries of the world. This year the organizers have innovated some features like virtual and proxy displays for those who cannot physically travel. They will be given a virtual excess to interact with the visitors at their booth. Apart from cultural activities, students are prized for their creativities. The pinnacle of the event is a symposium attended by the top-notch industry, internationally recognized academia, and business people. To support the country’s foreign exchange reserves, the organizers are ardent about attracting exhibitors from every corner of the world to enhance the size of our export basket. It gives opportunities for excellent face-to-face meetings, marketing, direct sales opportunities, learning about Pakistan and its industry, increasing brand awareness, professional knowledge-sharing to attain cost-effectiveness, future trends, showcasing innovations, and closing deals worth millions of dollars. The world is focusing on Pakistan due to the new attractive Auto Policy 2021-26 for the investors and being the 6th largest market in the world. The auto industry is the mother of engineering goods, with about a 15% global share, which means the tremendous scope for engineering activities awaiting the entrepreneurs. Apart from the famous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the allied entering industries and other supporting sectors have already booked the total space for the show. Local after-sale market auto parts players have been accommodated in a designated large area under the name of PAAPAM village, which is a symbol of ‘Make in Pakistan’ deletion of imports and localization.  Due to its geostrategic location and cost-effectiveness, it’s going to be a trade corridor for the world.  The launching of the first electric car produced locally by the National Car Project will also come under the limelight. The Pakistan Auto Show does not attract only business tycoons, but it has a great pull for car lovers, who are always eager to look around the innovations.

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