First shipment of Pakistani mangoes reaching Kunming

By Waseem Bloch | Gwadar Pro May 28, 2022

First shipment of Pakistani mangoes reaching Kunming
The first shipment of mangoes arrives in Kunming, China [Photo provided to Gwadar Pro]

ISLAMABAD, May 28 (Gwadar Pro) – The first shipment of Pakistani mangoes arrives in Kunming today (May 28th) from Lahore, as per Adnan Hafeez, General Secretary of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce in China (PCCIC) and Director of Imperial Ventures (Pvt) Ltd, in an exclusive written interview with Gwadar Pro.

The first batch of Sindhri mangoes landed at the Kunming airport at 17:05 (14:05 Pak time) with a total volume of 2.3 tons. “We have prepared almost 3 tons but due to our strict sorting standards, exported only 2.3 tons in the shipment,” Hafeez told Gwadar Pro.

He noted, part of the first shipment will be distributed to Chinese wholesalers and retailers as samples.

Pakistan mangoes, considered the king of fruits in the country, have a growing presence in the international market and have made several forays into the Chinese market.

In 2021, Pakistan exported 37.4 tons of mangoes to China, as per the General Administration of Customs of China. 

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