Pakistani youth to collaborate with Chinese youth to excel in various fields

By Zafar Hussain | Gwadar Pro May 5, 2022

BEIJING, May 5 (Gwadar Pro) - Pakistani students studying in Chinese universities shared their views on China's Youth Day, said they are committed to working with the Chinese youth and willing to learn in different fields.

Muhammad Humayun Asghar, a Pakistani student in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), said that Youngblood always wants to learn many things with an open mind. He is willing to learn hard work, passion, and Chinese culture from the Chinese youth.

"I hope all of us together can do something great for the world and for the place where we live", he mentioned.

Muhammad Rizwan Khan, a PhD student from Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences said that Youth Day is significant for everyone as the majority of today's population is youth.

He further said that the group of people with an age group between 15 and 35 is thought to be the future of every country. “If youth are dynamic, passionate, hardworking and ready to face the challenges of the future, it can be safely predicted that the future of that country is bright,” he added.

"After spending a couple of years and working with this part of youth I can generalize that the youth of China are really passionate, hardworking, dynamic and well aware of their responsibilities as well. They have knowledge of their past and at the same time they care about their future and the future of mankind", he stated.

He further said, "being a Pakistani, I feel blessed to have many Chinese friends, who taught me so many research skills and motivated me during these last couple of years."

Summra Asghar, a PhD student in Agriculture University in Beijing, said that the young Chinese are very focused and hardworking, passionate and helpful.

"China becomes one of the most advanced countries in the field of plant biotechnology and 70% of the publications are coming from the Chinese research institutes and Chinese universities as compared with the rest of the world", she mentioned.

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