64 dams out of 100 completed in Baluchistan

By Fatima Javed | Gwadar Pro Mar 16, 2022

ISLAMABAD, March 16 (Gwadar Pro) –In Baluchistan 64 out of 100 dams have been completed so far while 36 are under construction.

The Government of Pakistan is sponsoring construction of these 100 dams in Baluchistan. The project has been prioritized and divided into 5 packages.

Package-I of the project comprising 20 dams was launched in June 2009. The project amounting Rs.2.154 billion was successfully completed in June 2015. The dams can save up to 44,438 Acre ft of water whereas can irrigate 25,850 acres of land.

Package-II, comprising of 26 dams was completed in December 2019.

The dams amounting Rs.4.639 billion can save up to 70,456 Acre ft of water and can irrigate 44,000 acres of land.

Package-III of the project is comprised of 20 dams, out of which 18 are completed. The cost of the dams are Rs.8.867 billion. The dams can store 158,260 Acre ft of water and can irrigate 58,500 acres of land.

Earlier Chief Minister of Baluchistan Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo said that the construction of 100 dams and other water resources development projects would be ensured on a war footing basis to overcome the water shortage in the province.

Appropriate conservation of the flood flow with the help of these storage dams would serve the dual purpose of protection of cultivated land and population against frequent flood damages. It would also help augment the growth of agriculture, besides recharging of Ground Water Aquifer.

Construction of 100 Dams in Baluchistan would Supply about 52,000 Acre ft (64.14million m3) of conserved flood water for direct irrigation and drinking purposes and will benefit about 25,850 acres (10,466 hectares) of fertile culturable land.

It is to be noted that the construction of these small and medium dams in Baluchistan province will provide direct and indirect opportunities of livelihood to the population of the area during implementation and operation of the projects. Moreover, it will promote tourism and aquaculture production.

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