Smartphone giant's entry brings immense opportunities to Pakistan

By Kunwar Obaid | Gwadar Pro Mar 12, 2022

Pakistan has a low purchasing power, which means most of its imported goods is far too expensive for ordinary people. Smartphone has struggled to penetrate the Pakistani market. Although 80 percent of the population possess phones, only 20 percent of them own a smartphone. The only way to realize widespread use of smartphones in the country is to manufacture them locally to cut the cost.

Xiaomi, a smartphone giant from China, started manufacturing smartphones in Pakistan on March 4th and this brings immense opportunities to Pakistan. Made-in-Pakistan Xiaomi products would also be exported to other countries, bringing export revenue into the country.

Such a massive factory would bring a lot of job opportunities to Pakistan. It is not only providing jobs to professionals but also presenting immense learning opportunities by working with the industry leader.

Cheap and affordable smartphones are key for Pakistan to become a digital country similar to China, which has used smartphones to make the life of its people easier and bring them income with apps like AliPay and WeChat. The digitalization of currency has also helped curb issues related to the shadow economy.

Widespread adoption of phones will lead related fields like mobile applications to earn more revenue in Pakistan and from abroad. We hope that Xiaomi's entering the Pakistani market will bring Pakistan closer to the rest of the world in terms of modern technology.

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