Pakistani students excited to resume their studies in China

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Feb 8, 2022

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani students, stuck at home due to the Corona pandemic, welcomed the Chinese Government’s decision to facilitate their return to resume their classes in Chinese educational intuitions.

“It’s a fantastic feeling; I feel it’s the Eid festival,” Adam Ali, who represents Pakistanis studying in China, told Gwadar Pro. “We are grateful to the Governments of Pakistan and China for discussing our issue at such a high level”, he added.

About 28,000 students are enrolled in various Chinese educational institutions. More than 6,000 of them have been stuck at home since March 2020 after China suspended the entry of foreign students to contain the spread of Covid-19.

“While ensuring safety against COVID-19, China will arrange for Pakistani students to return to China and resume classes in a prudent manner,” reads a joint statement issued following the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to China.

During the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan, both sides also noted with satisfaction the robust cooperation between Pakistan and China in the education sector, and the two sides are committed to further enhancing cooperation between the educational institutions of the two countries.

“It is an immense pleasure to hear the good news; I can’t wait to return to China for my remaining studies,” Muhammad Waqas, a Ph.D. scholar told Gwadar Pro.

Muhammad Afaq, from Dargai Malakand, is enrolled at a medical college in China. “I am happy and my entire family is happy with this development,” he told Gwadar Pro, adding, “The happy news has coincided with the New Year celebration in China”.

Faisal Hayat, from Lower Dir, said that he was “very excited” to learn about the development, as he was planning to return to China for his PH.D. Mr. Hayat has recently completed his bachelor's degree in China.

“It’s very good news for all of us - hopefully we will go back to China very soon,” student Safi wrote on Twitter.

Besides students, their families, teachers, educationists and Pakistani politicians are also expecting the return of Pakistani students to China. They have expressed their gratitude to China and have shown happiness on social media.

“Great progress as China will arrange the return of Pakistani students stuck at home due to Corona. The Government of Pakistan highlighted the issue during PM Imran Khan’s recent visit. While ensuring safety against Covid China will arrange for students to return & resume classes in a prudent manner,” wrote Senator Faisal Javed on his official Twitter page.


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