New Solid Waste Management system in Larkana, Pakistan

By Muhammad Mehdi | Gwadar Pro Feb 1, 2022

LARKANA, Feb. 1 (Gwadar Pro) - One of the major challenges facing developing countries, including our beloved country Pakistan, in providing local amenities is the provision of proper sanitation facilities to its citizens. One of the problems is that the flow of wastewater should be managed. At the same time, it is important to have a system for proper disposal of the garbage that accumulates on a daily basis. The Government of Sindh has recently taken a big and positive step in this regard in Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. Leading Chinese company “GANSU” will now work with the Sindh government in this regard and a formal plan has been prepared.

The problem of garbage and its proper disposal is not limited to the city of Larkana but it is a problem that affects every city, town and village in Pakistan. Pakistan's big and more developed cities are struggling with the problem in the same way that other smaller cities are struggling. Therefore, it would not be out of place to say that this Solid Waste Management Program launched in Larkana has the status of a pilot project. The success of this pilot project and its problem-solving experience will be used to minimize difficulties in implementing it in other cities in the future.

It has been under discussion for a long time that there should be a regular and modern system of waste management. To achieve this goal, the Sindh government mobilized and seventy Garbage collection points have been set up temporarily in Larkana where garbage can be collected. The Sindh Chief Minister also directed to find a landfill site near the city for a permanent solution to this problem. While it was decided to give open tender in this regard so that this goal can be achieved through internationally reputed companies. This tender was issued and from the issuance of this tender to the approval of the bid, it was ensured that everything is completely transparent. The best offer from all the companies was given by the Chinese company GANSU. All details from this company have been determined in accordance with the prevailing international regulations.

The tender states that the company will use its vehicles to collect garbage from the doors of the houses. The company will be responsible for collecting garbage from homes as well as main highways, streets and bazaars and when it is collected, it will be taken to the Garbage transfer station for disposal. In the meantime, all matters relating to international standards of hygiene will be taken care of.

The second major step in this initiative will be to achieve the goal of cleanliness as well as open the door to hundreds of jobs for local people. Not only will this have a positive effect on the sanitation system but it will also affect the health of the local people as well as their sources of employment. The project was formally inaugurated by Bilawal Bhutto, chairman of the ruling Pakistan People's Party in Sindh province, in the last week of last month. As a next step, Sindh government has also invited tenders for cleaning Karachi.

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