IPDS and RIU established the Centre for BRI and China Studies in Islamabad

By Muhammad Asif Noor | Gwadar Pro Jan 29, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Jan 28 (Gwadar Pro)-Studies (IPDS) has established the Centre for BRI and China Studies in collaboration with the Riphah Institute of Public Policy, Riphah International University (RIPP, RIU) in Islamabad.

IPDS and RIU established the Centre for BRI and China Studies in Islamabad

Centre for BRI and China Studies [Photo provided by author]

This Centre has already been established by IPDS in 2018 and now this has been transferred to RIPP, RIU for building scholarship and academic excellence. This Center was established after IPDS signed MoU with RIPP, RIU to jointly initiae such steps. Earlier, IPDS and RIPP, RIU have also jointly launched Course on Contemporary Diplomacy and International Relations for foreign diplomats. Keeping in view the significance of the Pakistan-China relations, China’s foreign policy and global economic and strategic presence, CPEC and the importance of academic and scholarship, IPDS and RIPP, RIU establish this Centre to provide groundbreaking research, advocacy, training, dialogue, and consultancy services in order to ensure Pakistan’s effective, constructive, efficient, and valuable participation in China Studies and BRI Project for the benefit of the communities in the country and the region.

This Center is also meant to further promote Pakistan's relations with China to the next best level through effective people-to-people contacts. The primary function of the Centre is to undertake research on issues relating to regional economic cooperation to enhance collaboration between think tanks, universities, media organizations, and the business community. The Centre will initiate courses on Contemporary China, BRI and China Newsletter, Research Papers, Books, Journals, Analysis, Evaluation on China, BRI and CPEC, Media Workshop for journalists to exchange ideas and to develop a mechanism for sharing news reports relating to Pakistan’s relations with China and other countries. IPDS and RIPP will also hold a Pakistan-China Think Tank dialogue for peace and cooperation and explore digital ways of promoting BRI.

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