Leading PV enterprise showcasing latest products

By Wu Siya | Gwadar Pro Nov 19, 2021

KARACHI, Nov 19 (Gwadar Pro)-On November 16, the 17th International Trade & Industry Fair was held in Karachi, Pakistan. The three-day fair attracted a series of well-known trade and manufacturing companies to participate. With a splendid appearance at the exhibition, Zonergy showcased its portable devices, panels, on-grid and hybrid inverters and heating plates, which attracted particular attention.

Leading PV enterprise showcasing latest products

On the first day of the exhibition, Governor Sindh Mr. Imran Ismail and Ministry of Commerce Mr. Dawood Ibrahim visited the booths, expressing gratitude to enterprises for their active participation in promoting regional economic and social development. Zonergy’s appearance has been highly focused by the media. Management personnel accepted interviews on site and introduced the latest product information and technology.

The fair attracted more than 5000 visitors from the industry to forge partnership and sign business deals. At present, as the largest Chinese company in Pakistan's photovoltaic power generation, Zonergy accounts for about 60 percent of Pakistan's PV power generation market. “Except for development of Pakistan's PV market, the talent cultivation is also our top priority. At present, we have trained more than 400 Pakistani PV engineers, all of whom have obtained the Pakistan Engineer Certificate (PEC),” said Richard Guo, President of Zonergy Solar Development, Pakistan, in an exclusive interview with the Gwadar Pro, “Chinese personnel only account for a very small percentage of our Pakistani market. In almost every key position, Pakistani employees have performed outstandingly. Their hard work has been highly praised in the industries of both countries.”

Leading PV enterprise showcasing latest products

As for overall development of Pakistan's new energy market, Guo also made a cogent analysis. So far, the total power generation in Pakistan is about 27GW, of which new energy includes 9GW of hydropower, 1GW of wind power, and 430MW of solar power.  

For new energy power generation, energy storage is also worth a mention. Currently, Zonergy’s new product, Off&On-grid Outdoor Cabinetized Energy Storage System has just been unveiled at the exhibition. Many ordinary people in Pakistan use diesel engines to generate electricity, from which undoubtedly cause air pollution. These new household energy storage products can gradually replace diesel engines, guarantee 7-8 hours of power supply, at the same time avoid power outages that interfere with daily life during peak power usage periods such as summer nights. Currently, the Cabinetized Energy Storage System have won bids for several projects, including 36 regional energy storage projects of the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA). “In the future, without reliable energy storage products, the goal of carbon neutrality will be difficult to fully achieve, which is our experience in the Pakistani market for many years,” Guo told Gwadar Pro.

Leading PV enterprise showcasing latest products

Up to now, 60 percent of Pakistan’s electricity comes from expensive imported fossil fuels and coal. Expanding renewable energy can help Pakistan save about US$ 5 billion in the next two decades. Beyond that, the development of the PV industry has excellent natural conditions in Pakistan, for instance, solar irradiance in Pakistan is 5.3 kWh/m2/day, which means inexhaustible resource for PV power generation. The Pakistani government is also vigorously supporting the development of the new energy industry by launching a series of supporting policies. Machineries, equipments and spare parts for nuclear and renewable energy (solar, wind, micro-hydropower, bio-energy, ocean energy, waste-to-energy, and hydrogen battery, etc.) power generation can all enjoy the preferential policy of zero-tariff treatment.

The development and upgrade of new energy market is not only the top priority of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Belt and Road Initiative, but also the irresistible trend of global carbon neutrality. Considering both the development of the enterprise and the actual situation in Pakistan, the high local electricity price and the wide distribution of small roofs are the prerequisites for vigorously developing the photovoltaic industry, Guo emphasized.

“In the future, we speculate that the installed capacity of distributed industrial and commercial power stations in Pakistan will soon exceed the installed capacity of large ground power stations. As Pakistan’s diesel engine is gradually replaced by the new energy, Pakistan’s road to carbon neutrality will go further.”

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