Pak-China All-Weather Strategic Partnership in the New Era: Way Forward

By Mariam Raheem | Gwadar Pro Oct 29, 2021

ISLAMABAD, Oct 29 (Gwadar Pro)-H.E. Nong Rong, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan highlighted that over the past 70 years, China-Pakistan relations have developed into an outstanding model of relations between countries with different social systems, histories and cultures. China is willing to work with Pakistan to implement the consensus of the leaders of both countries, carry forward the traditions of China-Pakistan relations, deepen strategic mutual trust, enhance pragmatic cooperation and continue to inject new impetus into China-Pakistan friendship for another seven decades.

“As President Xi Jinping told Prime Minister Imran Khan during the recent phone call, the world is undergoing profound changes and unseen in a century with more sources of turbulence and risks around the world. Under the new circumstances, the two countries should stand together even more firmly and push forward the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between both sides. China and Pakistan should maintain close strategic communication, enhance the sharing of governance experience.” Ambassador Nong further noted.

Up to now, China has gifted 8.25 million doses of vaccine to Pakistan and provided 113 million doses for commercial purchases, with a total of 121 million doses. Ambassador Nong stressed that, “China will continue to support Pakistan in its fight against COVID-19 till success, jointly build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), advance cooperation in agriculture, digital economy and social and livelihood areas and build an even closer China-Pakistan community with a shared future in the new era.”

At the general debate of the UN General Assembly in September this year, President Xi Jinping proposed the Global Development Initiative (GDI), which calls on the international community to accelerate the implementation of the sustainable development agenda in 2030. Amb Nong also called on China and Pakistan to work together to set an example for implementing the GDI, to safeguard international fairness and justice to improve global governance and to jointly promote the building of a community with a shared future.

The Ambassador gave the above remarks at a conference with the theme of 70 Years China-Pakistan Friendship “All-Weather Strategic Partnership in the New Era” held by the National Institute of International Strategy (NIIS), CASS and Understanding China Forum, Pakistan (UCF) on Thursday. The conference includes two sessions: 70 years of Pakistan-China diplomatic relations and the current situation in Afghanistan and its impact on Pakistan and China.

Chairing the session, Prof. Ye Hailin, DDG of Bureau of International Cooperation, CASS and Dr. Fazal ur Rehman, Executive Director, UCF, pointed out that against the backdrop of unprecedented changes in a century, the Asia-Pacific region where China and Pakistan are located is undergoing earth-shaking changes. From the international order to the rules, even to all aspects of this era, Pakistan and China are facing sharp challenges. So it is critical for China and Pakistan to further strengthen cooperation.

Ambassador (R) Inamul Haque, Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan, underlined that with the passage of time, Pak-China relations have continued to grow stronger in the political, diplomatic, military, economic, commercial, cultural and all other fields and the relationship has now developed to the level of a comprehensive strategic partnership. Pak-China relations today stand as a shining example of stability, solidarity and mutual respect in an uncertain and turbulent regional and international situation.

“The two countries have consistently worked to promote regional and international peace, progress and prosperity. And the strategic relationship designed to promote cooperation in the neighborhood as well as with global partners.” Ambassador (R) Inamul Haque further maintained that Pakistan hopes to form an even more solid relationship with China, strengthen mutual complementarity, and enable CPEC to exert greater influence.

Professor Rong Ying, Vice President, China Institute of International Studies ( CIIS) mentioned that, “to further strengthen the Pak-China all-weather partnership and build a closer community with a shared future, both sides should continue consultations and conversations on CPEC, security issues, media, think tanks exchanges, and programs for youth.”

The online conference was also attended and featured with speeches by Mr. Imtiaz Gul, Head, Center for Research and Security Studies in Islamabad, Prof. Li Li, Director, Institute of South Asia Studies, Tsinghua University, Mr. Salim Saafi, Senior Journalist/Columnist, Dr. Wang Shida, Director, Institute of South Asia Studies, Institute of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR), Professor Wang Xu, Executive Director, Centre for South Asian Studies in Peking University.

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