1st anniversary of Orange Line Train

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Oct 26, 2021

Since the first train of the Orange Line launched the commercial cruise 1 year ago, the people of Lahore have been feasting their eyes on the new scenery.

In connection with the first anniversary of CPEC's Orange Train, Chinese Acting Consul General Lahore Peng Zhengwu said that nothing is so touching than the vitality and novelty of the ancient city embracing the modern civilization in his speech at Depot Dera Gujran OLMT.   

"The success of the Orange Line Train quelled all misgivings about her overhyped unsavory impacts on Lahore's daily life. Contrary to previous speculations, something bad never happened. The preconceived damage to the historical sites is not seen. The worry of pollution is proved unnecessary as the electricity-driven trains give zero emission of gases. The question of affordability is well answered as 20 million people have enjoyed the trips in the past and the first year," he went on saying.  

Giving the example of Mr. Abdullah Ze Hasham, a young man who used to be a student of Zhengzhou University in China and lives near the Orange Line, Acting Consul General said that, Mr. Abdullah always wanted to be part of it. "After joining the Orange Line, his dream has come true. From his Chinese tutor, he received comprehensive training and became a proficient train operator. Besides Hasham, 90 Pakistani young people materialized their dreams. Every day, they command the speedy vehicles of Pakistan's first modern train professionally and send people from all walks of life to their destinations timely.  

Ms. Naiha Riaz, a young lady who received a Bachelor's Degree in Transportation Engineering from UET Lahore, made her way out of the tough competition and became a station master of the Thokar Niazbaig Station. So far, she and her team have served about 11,000 passengers, he revealed. As an independent leading woman, he said that nothing is more important and prouder to her than earning a promising job and supporting herself as well as her family.  

"Today, 3300 Pakistani staff are working for the Orange Line as drivers, technicians, stewards, securities, and cleaners. They constitute 97 percent of the overall employment of the Orange Line and thus make the Orange Line a national brand. By working in the Orange Line, they can devote themselves to the cause of the modernization of Pakistan with their talents. The Orange Line is a fate changer to all of them," he explained.  

In his speech, Mr. Peng said, "with the Orange Line, Lahore owns the most advanced and modern urban rail transit system in South Asia. As complementary public transportation to the fast buses, private cars, rickshaws, and motorbikes, the Orange Line train, which is run 100 percent by Pakistan drivers, has offered a faster, safer, cheaper, and more environment-friendly choice to all the people of Lahore."  

"More important to Lahore is the acquisition of patents, know-how, management, and modern industrial systems from China. The Chinese partners have trained a team of 1300 local specialists for Pakistan and built a customized, standardized, and comprehensive operation system of modern metro rail transit. All this has laid a strong foundation for the building and operation of a modern railway system across Pakistan in the coming years."  

Headed by the Orange Line, Acting Consul General said that a local industrial chain also comes into being. A large number of consumables, tools, equipment, and service are procured from local markets, which gives a great push to the development of local industry and benefits the small and medium-sized enterprises in a wider range.

When reviewing the history of the Orange Line, he said "at this moment, we must hail the ironclad friendship between our two countries. Built by China and Pakistan, the Orange Line today has become property, a milestone, and monument of all the Pakistani people regardless of the parties, areas, religions, or wealth. Everyone is on the same train. The Orange Line is built here, it will continue to grow here and serve here," he added.   

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