AIERD organizes Media Training Session ‘Understanding China for Future Cooperation’

By Fatima Javed | Gwadar Pro Oct 23, 2021

Asian Institute of Eco-civilization Research and Development (AIERD) organized a Pakistani media training session on ‘Understanding China for Future Cooperation’. Media personnel and experts from different walks of life attended the online meeting.

Aoun Sahi, Executive Producer Pakistan Television, PTV and Dr. Fazal ur Rahman, Director, Pakistan Institute of China Studies were invited as guest speakers.

Aoun Sahi while speaking at the session emphasized the importance of investing on media engagement and training. He discussed the fact that compare to China, western countries are more heavily involved with media.

For example, western media largely propagated that Chinese investment is a debt trap and they are maligning Chinese companies, creating problems in investment for Chinese companies.

Another example is the false propaganda of Xinjian forced labor for cotton production. Therefore, he said that There is a need to create news and stories of China debt relief diplomacy.

“China should create more stories about Chinese investment and job creation in local market. Also, can create more stories on Xinjiang cotton production”, he added.

Dr. Fazal ur Rahman discussed the Chinese reforms and its history with the audience and the lessons which can be learnt. He highlighted that proper incentives and behavior of the government, local and central, are important for economic growth.

Speaking at the occasion Shakeel Ramay Director China Study Centre and author of the book ‘Understanding China for future Cooperation’ shared that China follows the scientific decision making.

Ramay spoke about China’s new philosophy of development, which talks about innovation, coordination, green development and shared prosperity. He said, “China is focusing on high quality development, which emphasis on the welfare of people and preservation of natural resources and environment.”

He said, “Through its history China adopted inclusive decision-making implementation policy and people are enjoying the fruit. China does not follow Western model of democracy, China has its own all-inclusive democracy model.”

“Chinese decision making always keep people at the center and to counter propaganda China needs to create its own narrative, he concluded.

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