China in eyes of Pak-kids sets tone for future, says Chinese diplomat

By Yasir Habib Khan  | Gwadar Pro Sep 7, 2021

As a part of year-long celebrations of Pak-China 70th diplomatic relations, Acting Chinese Consul General Lahore Peng Zhengwu said that how deeper Pak-China ‘romanticism’ penetrates at grass root level is efficiently manifested by heartwarming theme and content of a short video released by Institute of International Relations and Media Research (IIRMR) that features Pakistani children’ blissful love for Chinese people and China.   

Expressing his views after a ceremony organized by IIRMR Chairman Muhammad Mehdi and President Yasir Habib Khan on the official release of 4-minute short video with subtitles in English and Chinese languages, he said that “I am deeply touched by the true feelings and ambitious determination of the Pakistan kids to China-Pakistan friendship by speaking their hearts through the medium of short video. It is a reward and push for us who are working for a better tomorrow of our future generations of our two great nations. I firmly believe that with cooperation and devotion, China and Pakistan can build a shared future of common destination.” He eulogized IIRMR on making good short video to which he believed will contribute to enriching people to people connectivity between China and Pakistan.  

“The short video will offer people to know more and more about each other, understand each other and love each other. This is vital to the development of our friendship and all-weather strategic cooperative partnership,” he added 

On the occasion IIRMR Chairman Muhammad Mehdi said that it is a matter of immense importance for Pak-China friendship that now kids of China and Pakistan are part and parcel of this unique friendliness. “At this juncture, year-long celebrations of Pak-China 70th diplomatic relations and CPC’s 100th year are in full swing. I congratulate both countries for having these auspicious occasions,” he opined.  

IIRMR president Yasir Habib Khan said that in the making of this short video when a survey was conducted to know inner feelings of children regarding Pak-China relations, it was discovered that ordinary kids even who were illiterate had tenacious vibes of good-heartedness for China. “Having just hearing of the name of Chinese people and China, children's faces blossomed with affection, sense of deep-rooted bond and infinite heart-to-heart connection. All kids, new heroes of Pak-China friendship, raised slogans of Long-Live friendship between both iron-clad brothers Pakistan and China,” he concluded.   

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