Chinese products charm Pakistan’s Independence Day

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Aug 9, 2021

Chinese products charm Pakistan’s Independence Day

Chinese products designed for August 14 at a shop in Islamabad. [Picture/Tahir Ali]

by Tahir Ali

ISLAMABAD, Aug 9 (Gwadar Pro) – Pakistan is going to celebrate its 74th Independence Day on August 14. Markets and shops across the country are teeming with merchandise for people to celebrate Independence Day.

Chinese products charm Pakistan’s Independence Day

National flags of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir displayed at Faisal Avenue Islamabad. [Photo/Tahir Ali]

China’s role cannot be ignored in celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day. Different attractive and colorful accessories themed with Pakistan’s Independence Day messages are manufactured in China.

Raja Bazar in Rawalpindi is one of the largest markets in the country. There are wholesalers as well as retail stores.

“Most of the items have been imported from China. These are quality products with very reasonable prices,” Saghir Ahmad, a wholesaler in Raja Bazaar told Gwadar Pro, adding, “We have more variety than in the past and the credit goes to China.”   

 “My daughters bought green and white bracelets, hair catchers and armbands while my son opt for a mask and a badge,” said Saiqa Salim who was at Raja Bazar. She also bought green and white dresses for her children. “Independence Day-themed toys and dresses doubled the celebration,” she told Gwadar Pro.

Chinese products charm Pakistan’s Independence Day

Besides buying flags, kids are also interested in buying Chinese plastic trumpets. [Photo/Tahir Ali]

Muhammad Faisal, a trader from Margalla Town in Islamabad, said that this time people are more excited to celebrate Independence Day, as the celebrations of the previous year were marred by the corona pandemic.

 “It wouldn’t be so much fun to celebrate Independence Day without attractive Chinese merchandise,” said Mr. Faisal, traders import huge quantities of decoration products from China, adding these goods are also a source of earning for many Pakistanis.  

Many women, from Rawalpindi’s nomadic tribes who live in tents, have set up stalls along different roads of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. “We can earn a good amount in the first two weeks of August,” said Shahid Bibi, who has set up a stand on Park Road Islamabad. According to her, even nomadic women, with meager resources, can afford to buy Chinese products at the wholesale markets and sell them on their stalls. “On average, each woman earns at least Rs. 2000 per day from her stall,” she told Gwadar Pro.

Chinese products charm Pakistan’s Independence Day

A vender  displays a large-sized Pakistani flag. [Photo/Tahir Ali] 

China-Pakistan friendship is rooted deeply in the hearts and minds of the people of both nations. They stand by each other at all times, which is the hallmark of their special friendship. China’s support for Pakistan during the coronavirus pandemic has been remarkable. Now Chinese products are adding charm and beauty to Pakistan’s Independence Day celebration.  

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