Pakistan’s handmade carpet exports to China likely to surge

By Yasir Habib Khan  | Gwadar Pro Jul 7, 2021

by Yasir Habib Khan    

ISLAMABAD, July 6 (Gwadar Pro) – The China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement (CPFAT) has incorporated handmade carpet category into its formal set of protocols, which will boost Pakistan’s carpet exports to China.    

Handmade Carpet provides a livelihood to poor women. More than 70 percent of women are associated with hand-knotted carpet industry.

Before CPFTA’s incorporation to hand-knotted carpet category, Pakistan had been losing orders from China.

Since Pakistan merely works in the domain of handmade carpet business, known as textile floor covering items, relevant industries’ overall business hit the rock bottom leaving many women jobless.  

Chairman of World Handmade Carpet Association (WHCA) Maj (retd) Akhtar Nazeer Khan said that after relevant ministry and Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) realized, CPFTA has replaced machine-made carpet category to handmade carpet category.  

In recognition of his contribution to Pak-China Carpet business, Akhtar Nazeer Khan has been awarded an honorary citizenship of China. 

He urged the Pakistani government to facilitate the handmade carpet industry and boost its exports to China and other countries by offering proper subsidies.

Currently, he said government provides 50 percent subsidy. He proposed that government should give at least 80 percent subsidy. He also advised to develop a government-operated Pakistan Carpet Portal in China. He said, this strategy will link Pakistani carpet businessmen to end users in China. “It will help secure orders and accelerate exports to China,” he added.   

Jamila Bibi, a daily wager in handmade carpet factory, said, “My optimistic eyes are on China as my son told me whenever Pakistan asks, China cooperates and stands with Pakistanis.”  

As for CPFTA’s inclusion of handmade carpet category, she said that she is hopeful to get her work back.    

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