Pakistan and China together on environmental friendliness

By Muhammad Mehdi | Gwadar Pro Sep 20, 2022

Editor's note:  The article reflects the author's opinions and not necessarily the views of Gwadar Pro.

Pakistan is currently struggling with the ravages of floods. You cannot be completely protected from the damages of this natural disaster, but in the presence of an accurate weather forecast, the damages caused by this natural disaster can be reduced. To meet this need, a sophisticated system of weather awareness is needed, especially if the loss of precious human lives should be minimized.

In this regard, China and Pakistan have jointly taken an important step. A state-of-the-art weather monitoring station has been established in Peshawar in August 2022 by The Belt and Road lidar Network. Pakistan already has a weather forecasting system which is utilized as much as possible, and now the station has been installed with the latest equipment. It is Pakistan's first Atmospheric Lidar Observation Station. This station can provide basic weather data through sophisticated systems to make weather forecasts as accurate as possible.

As mentioned earlier, the environmental disaster has wreaked havoc in Pakistan today. This station also has the ability to inform about the future environmental disaster in time so that it can be protected from its bad effects. Climate conditions in the world and their variations are not limited to an area. Therefore, the need to constantly monitor the global climate conditions and research are of extraordinary importance in this era of environmental changes. In this station of Peshawar, research on global climate changes will also be done according to international standards.

The way Pakistan is currently coping and struggling with the adverse weather conditions and its adverse effects has also created widespread fears that livestock diseases may spread, resulting in meat shortages in Pakistan. And there will be a shortage of milk products. But this situation has received a favorable wind that in China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) two companies of Pakistan and China have signed an MoU regarding buffalo business. China's Royal Group and Pakistan's JW Holdings Group have jointly taken this initiative.

From the Pakistani point of view, the MoU on buffaloes is very useful. It is hoped that Pakistan will be self-sufficient in meat and dairy products and their exports will also increase on a large scale. Pakistan's export of these products has a large consumption capacity in the Middle East and ASEAN countries.

Pakistan is a very big country in terms of animal husbandry, but it is sad to say that the people of Pakistan are using the old method although the world has adopted a lot of innovations in this regard. China's Royal Group and Pakistan's JW Holdings Group have agreed to invest USD 100 million to achieve this innovation. Steps will be taken to develop disease-free pastures in Pakistan with this huge amount.

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