Gwadar Port dredging: Next phase begins

By Yasir Habib Khan | Gwadar Pro Sep 1, 2022

GWADAR, Sep.1(Gwadar Pro) -In an effort to reclaim the original operational depth of Gwadar Port, the next phase of awarding contracts to shortlisted companies is all set to commence on September 1st (Thursday).

Given the next phase process, bids for technical assessment will come into force on the basis of international experience and financial worth of shortlisted companies. The financial assessment of the applicant firms is already done. Only two companies have qualified, a Pakistani and the other Hong Kong based.

The multi-mill dollar project has a significant impact on Gwadar's port operations. It will pave the way for the construction of additional berths from the existing 602 meters to 1500 meters. Moreover, frequent dredging will help maintain the 16-meter depth of the channel, where vessels of any type can dock.

Project Director (Maintenance of Dredging) of Gwadar Port Authority (GPA), Mr Nadeem, told Gwadar Pro that the bidding process aims to launch a de-silting operation, allowing ships to float well.

The total cost of dredging, he said, will be determined as per cubic meter considering the scale of operation and size of the area to be cleared from siltation. In a query, he said that around Rs. 1 billion has already been allocated for the dredging process in the current budget 2022-23.  

The Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) has invited firms and contractors, who share sufficient experience in the relevant field, financially sound and qualified in maintenance dredging of the navigation channel in accordance with prescribed tender documents” he added.  

Gwadar Port lost its 14.5 metre natural operational depth, and now it has been handling ships with a draught of 11.6 metres. The Last  dredging operation got underway in 2015.

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