Construction work at Mohmand Dam’s Right Bank & Access Tunnel begins

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Aug 4, 2022

PESHAWAR, Aug. 4 (Gwadar Pro)- Construction works for the 3.5-kilometer-long right bank and access tunnel have been initiated at the Mohmand Dam and Hydropower Project (MDHP).

“The right bank with a one-kilometer long tunnel which will supply water to a proposed small power plant that can generate electricity up to 4.3 MW,” an official of MDHP told Gwadar Pro, adding that the right bank will also help water agriculture land in the area. The right bank is part of MDHP which is expected to add 800 MW to Pakistan’s installed hydropower capacity and generate approximately 2,862 GWh annually. MDHP will also provide nearly 13.32 m3/second of potable water to two million inhabitants in Peshawar city, help irrigate and initiate agricultural activities on 6,773 ha of new land and increase the existing cropping area from 1,517 ha to 9,227 ha.

After operation, the Mohmand Dam will be the 5th highest Concrete-Face-Rock-Filled Dam (CFRD) in the world and create an active storage reservoir of approximately 1,594 million m3 of capacity. The first power-generating unit is scheduled to be operational by December 2025.

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