Pakistan exports to China increased by 26% in FY 2021-22

By Tahir Ali | Gwadar Pro Aug 3, 2022

ISLAMABAD, Aug. 3 (Gwadar Pro) - Pakistan’s exports to China during fiscal year 2021-22 surged by 26% as compared to the exports of FY 2020-21, according to Annual Trade Statistics FY 2021-2022.

The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has released the revised Annual Trade Statistics for FY 2021-2022 wherein all data and statistics used stand correct as of July 18, 2022.

As per the report, Pakistan’s exports to China between July-June 2021-22 remained at $2,969 million which is 26% more than the $2,354 million exports recorded in July-June 2020-21.

During FY 2021-22 Pakistan’s exports to different destinations of the world increased by 25.51% as compared to the exports of FY 2020-2021. The exports to different destinations of the world in FY 2021-22 were $31,760 million while in FY 2020-21 the export value was $25,304 million.

Pakistan’s imports from different partner countries of the world during FY 2021-22 were recorded at $80,019 million which is 41.93% more than the imports of FY 2020-21 when its value was $56,380 million.

However, Pakistan’s imports from China in FY 2021-22 registered a 36% increase which is lower than the overall increase of 41.93%. Pakistan’s imports from China from July-June 2021-22 were $20,839 million while in July-June 2020-21 it was recorded as $15,297 million. 

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