CPEC boosts tourism in Pakistan

By Fazal Gilani | Gwadar Pro May 30, 2022

ISLAMABAD, May 30(Gwadar Pro)- World Economic Forum (WEF) has resealed its report “Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021 Rebuilding for a Sustainable and Resilient Future INSIGHT” on 24, MAY 2022. The International Travel & Tourism Development Index 2021, shows that Pakistan has made a significant number of improvements and jumped up by six places as a lower-middle-income economy.

According to the report, Pakistan ranked 83rd with a +2.9% score from 89th which has improved its TTDI scores the most since 2019.

Aftab Ur Rehman Rana, Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) said that Pakistan is among the countries in the Asia Pacific Region that have improved its ranking significantly because of multiple development indicators in the country in the previous two years.  

“CPEC plays a major role in Pakistan’s roads infrastructure, from Gwadar to Gilgit Baltistan that shows more potential in the overall socio-economic development of Pakistan and tourism development is interlinked with this fast growth,” he added.

“We have seen a major boom in overall tourism in Pakistan after the implementation of CPEC phase 1,” said Aftab Ur Rehman Rana, Managing Director of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).

In the last few months, PTDC had multiple meetings with the Chinese embassy in Islamabad on B2B dual tourism operators’ mechanism and shared tourism operator’s contacts as per recommendations. Pakistan is also looking forward to Chinese tourists for bilateral tourism promotion, ‘We have managed a Chinese language tourism booklet that is ready for Chinese tourists coming to Pakistan,” PTDC - Managing Director Aftab Ur Rehman Rana said.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) is also planning to send its delegation to the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at Regional Member States Forums.

“China, which ranks 12th on TTDI, has the region’s largest T&T economy, we look forward to learning more from them,” MD – PTDC said.


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