Pakistanis laud the worker-friendly policies of China on International Labor Day

By Zafar Hussain | China Economic Net May 1, 2022

BEIJING,May.1(China Economic Net) - Pakistanis in China lauded the worker-friendly policies of China on International Labor Day, also known as International Worker's Day or May Day, which is observed every year globally on 1st May to promote and remember the worker's sacrifices.

Dr. Babar Ijaz, Overseas Business Manager, Shandong Rainbow Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd told China Economic Net that living in China for around 6 years, he has eye-witnessed the new heights of the progress China has made in the last 20 years. Chinese government commemorates the struggles of the laborers and protects their rights.

"I have been provided with equal holidays and the freedom to work independently. The Chinese staff is very friendly and respects our cultural needs in our daily work routine," Babar mentioned.

He further said that every year on May 1, individuals and groups of laborers who have excelled in their work are honored in China. He believes that equal rights for laborers play a major role in a country’s economy.

"Working in the agriculture sector, we always need labor to work in the field for sowing and harvesting of crops. Laborers do a tough job irrespective of their desire to work. I salute all worker's efforts to build an agriculture-based economy and I wish they get enough wages and facilities to work in a conducive environment. I always feel protected and provided with a safe work environment in China", he added.

Asif Jalil, the owner of Tiffin and one-one food supply chain here told CEN that Pakistanis in China including some businessmen, who settled after completing their education here, professionals employed by multinationals like Nestle, Nokia, Coca Cola, and other Chinese companies are satisfied due to better working environment here. He added that these Pakistanis freely promote Pakistani culture in China in collaboration with the Pakistani embassy, consulates, and Chinese authorities as well.

"China offers an excellent working environment to foreigners while enabling them to enjoy the Chinese culture through interaction with their colleagues and business associates. Chinese companies also offer training facilities to Pakistanis in various hi-tech areas," Asif mentioned.

He stated that Pakistani businessmen are involved in trading between Pakistan and China, while a large number of students are studying at various Chinese Universities and also actively participating in different activities including part-time jobs and most of them are satisfied with Chinese policies.  

Shahid Afraz Khan, working as a foreign expert with China Media Group told China Economic Net that 1st May is being celebrated around the world as International Workers' Day. While this day is an occasion to pay tribute to the greatness of the workers, it also calls for the introduction of new encouraging labor-friendly policies, the introduction of new trends of jobs, and increased employment opportunities, while prioritizing their welfare and employment. He added that this day reminds the world that the protection of workers' rights must be ensured.

"I have been working in China for almost six years. My observation is that with each passing year, the Chinese leadership has improved the working environment, increased facilities for workers, and made all possible improvements in employment policies," he added.

Shahid further said that China's top leadership also appreciates the role of workers in the country's development, and from time-to-time important instructions are issued in this regard. Working in China is also fortunate in the sense that you get equal opportunities to advance here, no discrimination is made between Chinese employees and foreign employees and the truth is that the benefits of foreigners are quite high.

"The advantage of a good working environment is that your creativity is exposed and you can pursue your career without any pressure. That is why we are seeing more and more foreigners preferring to work in China. I hope that the Chinese government will further improve its employment policies to provide opportunities for the best talent in the world and in the coming years, more foreigners will be working in various Chinese companies," Shahid mentioned.

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