KKH - A Road to Dream

By Mariam Raheem | Gwadar Pro Mar 2, 2022

KKH - A Road to Dream

Adnan Ali, who grew up in Skardu GB, has been traveling on the Karakoram Highway (KKH) since childhood, witnessing the changes brought about by the eighth wonder of the world to locals and commuters, and the seeds of doing something for it was planted in his heart. For others, the KKH may be a link of friendship and exchange between China and Pakistan, while for Adnan Ali, it is the road to his dream.


Adnan Ali started his degree of civil engineering in 2015 and heard about commencement of the KKH phase-II project in 2016. With the original ambition of becoming a part of the project, he ultimately got a chance after completing his degree and availed it. “It was extremely lucky for me to get such an important opportunity as soon as I graduated. I still can't forget the excitement when I received its offer. It was the moment leading to my dream.”

Being part of a multinational company on a multibillion project with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow is surely a life changing experience for Adnan. “The exposure that I am getting here is priceless. The most rewarding thing about working on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is cross cultural experience. I am able to learn about Chinese culture and norms which has helped me in developing great ‘people skills’ that I can apply in all walks of life.” Adnan said.

Referring to the scene when he first joined the project, Adnan had a vivid memory: “I joined the project as a trainee engineer for a 2-month training program. I cherish this training opportunity so much that I was taking a 12 hours shift every day. I was deeply moved by the unreserved technical guidance and help given by Chinese engineers. I have learned a lot of things that are not taught in schools here, which will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

Adnan has just completed 2.5 years on this project and in his words that he has seen professionalism that he has never seen before. He was impressed by the flawless team enthusiasm and work ethic of the Chinese company. “The whole team on the project is so easy to cooperate with. Among them, Ex GPM of project Mr. Wang Benqian who is my inspiration and role model in the field of civil engineering. It was my great honor to work with him closely and learn a lot from him personally.”

KKH - A Road to Dream

Mr. Wang Benqian affirmed Adnan’s work and told Gwadar Pro that since the outbreak, Adnan has taken the initiative to work with Chinese staff in a closed and isolated environment, visiting relatives once a year, and has made great efforts to complete the project in quality and quantity. “People in the northern mountain area have a deep affection for KKH. After graduation, Adnan devoted himself to the extension and upgrading of the latest KKH jointly built by young people in China and Pakistan, which is the spiritual inheritance of the older generation of builders.”

Adnan is working as an administration officer at CPEC Phase II Havellian Thakot Project nowadays. He is full of hope for his future, “my family is so proud that I am a part of KKH construction. Striving for the construction of CPEC and China-Pakistan friendship is my happiest thing.” he said, with a twinkle in his eyes.

After ten years of painstaking construction by road builders in China and Pakistan, the Karakoram Highway was officially opened to traffic in 1978. The second phase of KKH extends the KKH to the hinterland of Pakistan on the basis of upgrading the original highway. As the transportation link of CPEC, the successful completion of the project has better promoted the local economic and social development and directly or indirectly achieved the dreams of countless young people like Adnan.

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