'Everyone beautiful like snowflake': Pakistani performer of Beijing Winter Olympics' opening

By Wang Xiaotong | China Economic Net Feb 11, 2022
by Wang Xiaotong
BEIJING, Feb. 11 (China Economic Net) – The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics officially opened on 4 February, with a ‘simple, safe and splendid’ opening ceremony that impressed the whole world. Among the 3,000 performers, there’s a Pakistani one called Muhammad Wasim Asim, who is a postgraduate at Tsinghua University. In the interview with China Economic Net, he shared the story of being a performer at the opening ceremony as well as living in China.
'Everyone beautiful like snowflake': Pakistani performer of Beijing Winter Olympics' opening
Pakistani postgraduate of Tsinghua University Muhammad Wasim Asim performs at the stunning stage of the Beijing Winter Olympics’ opening ceremony in the ‘Bird’s Nest’ National Stadium. [Photo provided by Muhammad Wasim Asim]
Unique and remarkable memories as a performer
Wasim performed in the ‘Tribute to the People’ part at the opening cerenomy, in which Chinese and foreign young people walked shoulder to shoulder, with touching pictures of common people’s living around the world gradually unfolding on the screen on the ground. 
Simple, but meaningful, the performance conveyed the message of the Games’ motto ‘Together for a Shared Future’. “Our performance was not merely some pictures displayed on the screen, but in fact it was our deep heart tribute to the people around the world including those who sacrificed their life for saving our lives, like candles that burn themselves and lead the way for others,” Wasim said. 
'Everyone beautiful like snowflake': Pakistani performer of Beijing Winter Olympics' opening
Pakistani student Muhammad Wasim Asim is with Chinese children performers at the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Feb. 4. [Photo provided by Muhammad Wasim Asim]
“Thousands of students applied for a volunteer position when the university opened the application procedure. Everyone was hopeful and excited to be part of the Olympics. The university selected the students by interview and assigned them different volunteer positions according to their interests and abilities,” he added.
According to Wasim, mostly all volunteers started rehearsal as early as in last October. Having been together for a long time, now the performers are like a ‘family’. “We come from different countries with different cultural backgrounds, but our aim was unanimous, and we became one family who shared same culture and same happiness,” he said. 
“Every performer is beautiful like a snowflake,” he recalled feelingly.
'Everyone beautiful like snowflake': Pakistani performer of Beijing Winter Olympics' opening
Muhammad Wasim Asim (1st R) and other performers are with Zhang Yimou (5th R), chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. [Photo provided by Muhammad Wasim Asim]
COVID prevention at the Olympics ‘great job’
As one of the few countries in the world to take a zero-COVID strategy, China’s COVID-19 pandemic prevention management for the Olympics attracted worldwide attention. 
Witnessed by the Pakistani performer Wasim, the organizing committee did a ‘great job’ for COVID prevention during the whole process in the Bird’s Nest National Stadium.
“To ensure the health of all performers, we were required to do a COVID test every 48 hours, and all of the performers kept sticking to the prevention measures. Even schools make special arrangements to ensure that all performers can do the COVID test within the required time,” he said.
High-techs are also giving full play at the Games. “In the National Stadium, automatic disinfectant machines were placed in every performance hall and also all-around at different entries to ensure safety and health,” Wasim said. 
“It is appreciable work done by organizing committee, and the support and coordination by everyone also guaranteed a safe and peaceful winter games for each of us,” he appraised.
Looking forward to further rise in Sino-Pak friendship
Wasim has been living in China since 2016. Besides beautiful travelling experience, Chinese people’s hospitality and special love for Pakistanis impressed him a lot. “After I came to China, I have experienced that people from both countries value the friendship that has come a long way. I’ve made many Chinese friends who have a warm heart feeling for Pak-China friendship. I am proud of my country and our friendship with China. We are true brothers. I recommend Pakistani youth to study at world-class universities of China, and here in China, they can start a bright future and become a bridge between the two countries.”
'Everyone beautiful like snowflake': Pakistani performer of Beijing Winter Olympics' opening
Muhammad Wasim Asim studies for master’s degree of mechanical engineering at the School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University. [Photo provided by Muhammad Wasim Asim] 
Notably, this February, the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan visited China, which promoted the bilateral ties to a new high. “In my country, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has already played a vital role in our infrastructure and economic development. I am hopeful and believe that Sino-Pak ties will get stronger and stronger,” Wasim said.
Now, the Pakistani alpine skier Muhammad Karim is attending the 2022 Winter Olympics. For the only athlete from Pakistan, Wasim hopes he can perform his best, and more importantly, “experience the love, affection and warm heart of the Chinese people”. “I hope that in the future Pakistan and China can cooperate in winter games development and China can help Pakistan in training more talents of winter games,” he said.
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