Winter Olympics, a window to display China’s innovation in green energy

By Fatima Javed | Gwadar Pro Feb 3, 2022

Green Olympics has been fully implemented in Beijing Winter Olympics 2022. The grand event will be a window to display China’s development and innovation in green energy.

China and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have touted the 2022 Winter Olympics in the world’s first Dual Olympic City Beijing as the “greenest and cleanest ever.”

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry on Wednesday highly admired China on making

meticulous arrangements for holding the Olympic Winter Games despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Highlighting the spirit of the Olympic Games, the foreign ministry said in a statement that as a global event, the Olympics foster mutual understanding, inclusivity and friendship among the peoples of the world.

Giving his remarks during a recent interview to the Chinese media President Arif Alvi said, “The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be “very successful” and Pakistan will participate in the splendid sports event with passion and joy.”

President Alvi greatly appreciated the efforts China has made in preparation for the 2022 Winter Olympics scheduled to begin on Feb. 4.

He said that organizing the event amid the still-raging COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates China’s efficient and successful way of governance that they can do it.

For the second time within two decades, Beijing will be hosting the Olympic Games – after the 2008 Summer edition – and in the process becoming the first city to host both Summer and Winter Olympics.

The Games started two days prior to the February 4 Opening Ceremony in Beijing, with preliminary competitions in curling and ice hockey, and will end on February 20 with the Closing Ceremony.

However, not all events will be held in the capital but rather will be spread between the neighboring mountain areas of Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, which will host competitions that require more snow and mountainous terrain.

All eyes are on the People’s Republic as they attempt to juggle hosting a global event during a pandemic, whilst at the same time delivering on their pledge to make these Games “green, inclusive, open and clean.”

One of the main pledges made by China in its 2015 bid was that it would deliver the first-ever carbon neutral edition of the event.

To achieve this, the organizer has worked to ensure that all Olympic venues are powered by 100 per cent renewable energy, over 700 hydrogen fueled vehicles are used, and any excess emissions arising from the event are offset through initiatives such as afforestation projects in Zhangjiakou – which are said to have already had a significant impact in reforesting the area.

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